Antique cast iron skillet called The Favorite by Columbus Hollow Ware Company

The Favorite, vintage cast iron by The Columbus Hollow Ware Co.

Do you have a piece of ironware with the words THE FAVORITE on the back? Then you have antique cast iron from the Columbus Hollow Ware Co.  The Favorite skillets and other ironware from the Columbus Hollow...
Where can you buy Griswold Cast Iron

Where can you buy Griswold cast iron? Simple advice for noncollectors.

If you want a vintage cast iron skillet, you may have your heart set on one from the Griswold Manufacturing Company. As you may be aware, the company is no longer in operation, so...
Learn how to inspect a Wagner cast iron skillet.

How To Check A Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

Learn how to check a Wagner cast iron skillet for age, defects, and collectability. Before you purchase your first Wagner skillet, it's a good idea to check the condition to ensure you'll be happy...

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