Cast iron cookware, tried and tested for over 2000 years.

You can find lots of information on the leading brands that manufacture cast iron cookware such as Lodge, Staub and Le Creuset. If you are new to cast iron cooking then welcome, you'll find Boonie Hicks packed fill of useful information. Why do so many enjoy cooking with cast iron? Scroll down to discover more. However if you're a little unsure about cast iron cookware then here are some pros and cons of cast iron.

Using cast iron cookware to cook Chijimi.

Cast iron cookware

It must be good. People have cooked with cast iron for over 2000 years.

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At Boonie Hicks you'll see lots of cast iron used.

Hi, I'm Brett. I'm not a chef however I really enjoy cooking in cast iron both bare and enameled. Here you will finds lots of articles on new and vintage cast iron. Aside from our informative articles on you'll also find fun easy recipes to try. In fact these recipes date back over a 100 years. I focus on 19th century cookery. What better way to learn about the 19th century than to enjoy what the Victorians and New World settlers ate.

Brett from Boonie Hicks holding an antique cast iron skillet

Discover our great articles. You will find our other categories just as engaging. We have 19th century recipes coming in the near future.

Bare vs. enameled cast iron cookware, what is the difference?

Great question especially if you're planing on buying some cookware. Enameled vs Bare cast iron really comes down to the cooking surface. Bare is the most common and its has that lovely black finish that we all know and love. It's considered more nonstick than enameled and cheaper. However there are some bespoke options available that can cost a pretty penny. Enameled on the other hand is often priced higher than bare cast-iron. Enameled quality can vary greatly because of the expertise needed and an effort to reduce costs. However Le Creuset and Staub make only make high quality cookware. There are also many other benefits of enameled cast-iron cookware.

Two enameled cast iron dishes and an antique skillet on a table.

Is cast iron difficult to use?

It really isn't difficult to use. Turn on whatever element you have and start cooking. I must admit it does take a little bit of getting used to if you've never used cast-iron cookware before however that's half the fun. It takes a little longer to reach temperature and it's more weighty. However I never seem to burn anything in cast-iron and it's really easy to clean.

Cast iron cookware. Skillet with English breakfast

You can join facebook groups and societies and share your hobby.

What other cookware has such a loyal following? You can share your hobby with others interested in cast-iron cookery. For me I like I don't post anything, however I enjoy looking what people are cooking. The reddit cast iron page has thousands of active members and also the comments are fun to read.

Cast iron is traditionally used to cook Takoyaki.

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At Boonie Hicks we use a lot of cast iron. On the site we use new and vintage cast iron. Although I'm a huge fan of vintage cast iron, enameled cast iron is another option. Le Creuset is famous however there's another brand that quietly make some of the best enameled cast iron. Any guesses?

Cooking dinner in a skillet. A pork chop and vegetables cooking in a cast iron skillet.