Why buy Staub cookware? This proud owner explains why.

Black Staub grill pan on cherry red Staub trivet.

Why buy Staub cookware?

Staub cookware has some of the most desirable products on the market. They specialize in French ovens or Dutch ovens for everyday use. And they also make a wide selection of cast-iron cookware and ceramic bakeware. However, the cookware is not cheap, so why buy Staub cookware?

In this article, you find out why Staub cookware is priced higher than competing brands. And if you should still purchase their cookware.

Table of contents

  • Information on Staub
  • Why should you purchase Staub ceramic cookware?
  • Why should you use ceramic bakeware?
  • Benefits of Staub enameled cast iron?
  • Reasons to purchase Staub cookware
  • Accessories available for your cast iron cookware.
  • Reasons to buy Staub cookware.
  • Is the cookware worth it? Final comments.

Background information on Staub cookware

About Staub

Staub is a French cookware brand that specializes in enameled cast iron.
But they also make ceramic bakeware and tableware.


The company was founded by Francis Staub in 1974.

Current Owner

Staub is currently own by Zwilling J. A. Henckels, a German company that also owns Zwilling, Ballarini, Miyagi, Demeyere and Henckels Int.

Staub Products

Staub makes a large variety of enameled cast iron cookware.
They are best known for their cocotte (French Oven).

Staub Products

Staub has a wide range of ceramics available that include bakeware and a selection of ceramic bowls.
Staub ceramics are currently made in China.

Why buy Staub cookware? You will just adore their ceramic range.

Staub is well-known for its cast-iron cookware. However, they also make fine ceramic bakeware and tableware. These ceramics are quintessentially Staub, heavier than other brands, and simply stunning. 

I have to admit I have a soft spot for Staub ceramics as well as their cast-iron. The colors have a farmhouse look, and the quality of the products is pretty hard to beat. So why buy Staub cookware? 

Sure, Staub is not the cheapest cookware on the market. However, if you decide to purchase a piece from Staub, it will last for many years. This also makes their products perfect as gifts. It is clear that high-end brands such as Staub ceramic cookware and Le Creuset are more rewarding and enjoyed by their owners.

Staub ceramic cookware is not like many other brands of enamel cookware in the market. First of all, this French cookware maker proudly makes some of the finest cookware available today. Staub remains true to the values of the founders. To innovate and create the highest quality products available

In other words: “Staub focuses on making the best products possible.”

Is Staub cookware any good? Have you seen their Ceramic range its amazing. (In the picture is a green Staub ceramic baking dish which is upside down showing the base of the dish. This dish is on a kitchen bench).
The Staub baking dishes have great shock and thermal resistance. I’ve had no problems with chipping or cracking.

If I had to characterize Staub ceramic and cookware. Three words come to mind.

  • heavy
  • hard-wearing
  • colorful

Why use Staub ceramics?

  • The heaviness comes from the amount of clay used. It is dense and weighty. Dishes hold heat for longer, perfect for serving food on the table.
  • The sturdiness is where the heaviness comes from. Staub ceramics are thick to add thermal mass, keeping dishes hotter or cooler for longer. The thickness also makes Staub ceramics highly resistant to chipping.
  • Staub ceramics come in a wide range of colors and will look beautiful on any dining table. I have a few ceramics pieces. I love the glossy blue bakeware, and for the bowls, it has to be mustard. It has a real country feel to it.
Why buy Staub cookware? Is Staub any good? They really are great pieces of cookware. (in the picture is a green Staub roasting dish).
Staub also has an excellent ceramic range. I get a lot of use out of this baking dish. It is big and deep, so it is perfect for pasta dishes.

Size comparison of Staub square baking dishes.


Medium baking dish

Large baking dish

Extra Large baking dish


9.9 x 6.7 x 2.2

12.8 x 8.2 x 2.6

16.1 x 9.8 x 3.1


2.05 pounds

3.92 pounds

4 pounds

Good for

For couples

Small or young families

Larger families or a small roasting dish.

Favorite color
Rustic Turquoise

Recommended size available on Amazon
(Affiliate link).
Ideal size for most.

Why should you choose Staub enamel cast iron cookware?

  • Masters of enamel cookware
  • Trust
  • Enamel is non-reactive
  • Ceramic cookware is non-porous
  • Slow cookware retains natural flavors
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Highly recommended by the best chefs
  • Quality production

Masters of enamel cast iron cookware.

The benefits of enamel cookware are compelling. Staub is a master of manipulating cast iron and combining the uneasy task of fine enameling. This is what differentiates this brand from most of the others in the market. 

Staub uses heavy cast iron for their French ovens. Which has proven time and time again that it has better thermal mass than any other material. With the multiple enamel layers, it has superior chip and scratch resistance capabilities. The strong enamel also provides a non-stick surface which is invaluable during cleanup.

Staub cast iron is made for the user in mind.

You can enjoy the capacity to sear and cook at much higher temperatures than you would with regular pans. And with less chance of warping your pans.

If you have any meals that need transferring from the hob to the oven. You will not have to worry because Staub cast iron cookware has wide handles to grip. 

Not persuaded yet? Here are some more compelling reasons why Staub is the only brand of enamel cookware that you should rely on.

Is Staub a trustworthy brand?

Staub enamel cookware has been the pinnacle of enamelware in the industry for years. As such, it has consolidated a reputation as one of the safest and trusted cookware brands. 

Staub uses enamel on its cast-iron cookware. This non-porous coating separates food from a metal surface. Staub products are highly resistant to chipping and are well known for longevity.

The enamel coating is non-reactive.

Staub enamel cookware is safe because the enamel coating prevents acidic food from coming into contact with the metal surface. This means that you can cook a variety of dishes without worrying about metal leaching into food.

Staub cookware is certified and considered safe by the FDA. And unlike stainless steel cookware, Staub cast iron cookware contains no nickel or chromium metal leaching into food.

The enamel finish is baked under high temperatures finished with two coats of enamel over a base layer.

Why buy Staub cookware? Just look at the picture. A beautiful grey Staub the glaze is so deep and rich.
Here is a Graphite Grey Cocotte. The color is one of my favorites.

Slow cookware retains natural flavors.

The enameled cookware produced by Staub actually reduces the need for a lot of salt when cooking. Less salt is needed because food natural flavors and sugars are retained.

This means that your food is much healthier as a result of reduced amounts of sodium. All Staub enamel cookware is PTFE, PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium free.

Sturdiness and durability.

The enamel finish on cast iron is done so masterfully and with the highest quality standards. This ensures the cookware is less likely to scratch or chip easily even with many years of use.

Buying quality enamel cookware is no small investment. This is why you should only rely on quality enamel that has been tried and tested.

Staub is made for daily usage and heavy-duty. And buying a Staub will serve you for years to come. With these excellent pieces, you can pass down Staub products to future generations. Even after years of use, the enamel does not crack easily because of the quality construction and multiple layers of glazing.

Two enameled cast iron dishes and an antique skillet on a table.

Staub enamel cookware comes highly recommended by some of the most respected and revered chefs in the industry. Paul Bocuse, a holder of 3 Michelin Stars, has continuously had a unique history with Staub cast iron cookware. It is gaining popularity over the world with both ammeter and professional chefs.

Professional chefs love Staub enamel cookware owing to its heat retaining properties, durability, and flavor-enhancing capabilities. Other world-famous chefs have praised Staub for its abilities. These include Micheal Kafer, Christian Constant, Hiroyuki Kiramatsu, among many others.

And what product do they like? A French cast iron oven called the cocotte. Cocottes come in a wide range of sizes and come in two shapes, round and oval.

Staub round and oval cocotte differences.

Round Cocotte

Oval Cocotte
Weight13 pounds20 pounds

Slow cooking, making soups, casserole

Slow cooking, casseroles, roasting.
Available on Amazon

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beauties on Amazon

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Available on
I have this pot and
love it.
I think this bad boy is too heavy.

Should I purchase Staub cookware? Here’s a few reasons.

  • Staub has high-quality control.
  • Both cast iron and ceramics cookware are individually molded. This makes every piece unique.
  • Staub proudly continues traditional casting methods.
  • Ceramic dishes are thicker than competitors and have excellent shock resistance.
  • Cast iron has at least two coats after a base layer to ensure total coverage.
  • Both ceramic dishes and cast iron are incredibly chip resistant and dishwasher safe.

Production quality

During production, each piece of Staub cast iron cookware is inspected visually and technically over and over again (more than 100 times). This ensures the highest quality standards are met and maintained throughout. When you buy Staub, you pay for this level of attention to detail that is often difficult for other brands in the market to replicate.

Staub has one of the best enamel coatings on the market. The end product is durable, sturdier, and heat resistant. This is really all a consumer needs from a quality piece of enamel cookware. Staub uses traditional sand molds for their cast-iron cookware, and they still proudly make their cast-iron range in France. 

The Staub Ceramic bakeware and tableware are equally impressive. The ceramics certainly have a heft to them. Currently, Staub ceramics are made in China. This may deter some buyers. However, the stoneware is of a quality you come to expect from Staub.

It was with noting we come to expect lower quality products from China. However, when it comes to making ceramics, they have a very proud heritage. Ming vases, after all, come from China. If you prefer French-made ceramic cookware, Emile Henry offers some excellent products.

A wide array of aesthetically pleasing accessories and products.

Staub has a wide array of accessories ranging from:

  • High-end French ovens
  • Frying pans and griddles
  • Roasters
  • Tagines
  • Sauté pans
  • Terrine dishes
  • Kettles
  • Fondue sets

Accessories made and designed to help you make the most of your Staub cookware include:

  • Silicone handles
  • Steamer inserts
  • Trivets
Cherry red trivet made by Staub cookware.
You can also purchase cast iron accessories for your Staub cookware. Here’s my little trivet.

Staub knobs

Brass knobs

The importance of fine detailing is paramount for Staub. This includes details on lid covers. The standard knobs are either brass or nickel-plated.
The signature matte black French Oven comes with a brass knob. This looks beautiful contrasting with the black for a classic design.

Staub lid with brass knob
Matte black enameled cocotte with brass knob

Nickel-plated knobs

Colored French ovens come with a nickel-plated knob. The nickel knob doesn’t take finger smudges and seems to be always shiny. I have tried to put finger smudges on the knob and failed. The nickel-plated knobs compliment the beautiful enamel for a luxurious look. That will be sure to wow guests.

Three Staub Cocottes with nickel plated knobs
Three Staub ovens looking fantastic on display. Note these ovens have a nickel-plated knob. Yes, you won’t find plastic on a Staub Cocotte.

Both brass and nickel knobs are beautifully finished. The knobs can withstand extremely high temperatures when they are placed inside your oven.

Animal knobs

You can also personalize your cast iron cookers with animal knobs. Simply unscrew the standard knob, and you can replace it with one of Staub’s cute animal designs.

However, I’m happy with the standard knobs, and these cute knobs aren’t the cheapest. They are also currently manufactured abroad. But they have to the cutest knobs out there. Good news, if you have a Le Creuset, I heard they can also fit on Le Creuset ovens.

Selection of animal knobs they currently have available.

Model NumberDescriptionWeight
Pig standing
6.4 ounces
Fish swimming
4 ounces
Cute snail
6.4 ounces
Cow resting
(designed for bigger
Dutch ovens)
12 ounces
Rabbit40510-661-0Rabbit running7 ounces
One happy looking rooster

My favorite, here’s an affiliate link to Amazon.
I think you’ll like him.
7.2 ounces

The incredible design features.

Staub enamel cookware has features that separate it from other cookware. For instance, the inside of a Staub cocotte is enameled with a matte black finish. This finish is more resistant to scratching and thermal shocks than any other finish on the market.

This makes Staub cookware very easy to maintain. It also ensures that you can use the items for years to come without worrying about physical damage.

The matte finish does not rust easily with Staub’s multiple layers of a thick glaze. The thick enamel glaze on Staub cast iron requires no seasoning. This makes it easy for you to maintain the cookware.

Self-basting spikes found on all the lids are a unique feature. These spikes are supposed to provide better moisture retention when cooking. Which ensures that all the moisture and flavors are trapped inside the cookware. The spikes work effectively by creating a rainforest-like effect.
Moisture effectively drips down onto the food preventing your meals from drying out.

Why buy Staub cookware? It’s hard to deny the fact I’m a huge fan.

No two pieces are alike.

Staub’s price point is the only thing that requires a little more consideration before making a purchase. Staub uses individual sand molds to make their cast iron products. So every piece of iron cookware has its own characteristics. And every Staub cast iron cookware is hand-checked and smoothed.

Staub’s dark enamel interior is better for several reasons. 

  • It helps hide food stains, resulting in a cleanerlooking pan. 
  • Staub’s black enamel is incredibly chip-resistant, and it delivers the best cooking results that any chef can hope for. 
  • As you continue to use your cookware, it gradually burns fats and oils from food. This layer coats the black matte enamel interior and makes it even more non-stick. Eventually, the black turns into a brownish color. 
  • If you prefer your pot pristine, it can handle cleaning with soap and sponges. Staub products are also dishwasher safe. However, I still recommend hand washing to preserve the glossy enamel.

Staub does not have a lower product range. They concentrate on the best possible products.

Staub manufactures only one line of products, and they concentrate their efforts on making the highest quality of cookware possible. They also happen to be visually stunning. Since the quality standards are high, customers rarely complain about the quality standards of the products they purchase.

Why buy Staub cookware, and is it worth it?

Thanks to Staub’s innovation in aesthetic coloring and unique enameling techniques. Staub cookware is available for purchase in a range of vibrant colors. The Staub product range can be placed elegantly on any table or dining room to blend seamlessly with the interior décor. 

The cookware undergoes at least two external coating processes. Two coats of enamel make sure the color is vibrant. It also helps with chip resistance so that they will last for generations to come.

Although Staub’s well-known for their French oven, they also manufacture high-quality ceramic dishes. Staub also makes some of the best-enameled skillets and braising dishes. Staub products are weighty, but very few cookware makers can make such fine cookware. If you choose to buy Staub cookware, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Hi! I’ve been reading through all your great thorough information. Then I read the paragraph pasted below. I’m hoping the last sentence saying the enamel DOES crack easily is a typo and should actually read doesn’t crack easily. Yes?

    • Hi Vicki

      Thanks for picking up the typo. I’ve corrected the sentence thanks to your help. You’re right, Staub cookware does not crack easily. And my pots are still going strong, and show no signs of cracking

      Thanks Vicki you’re awesome.

  2. I just purchased a Staub 4 qt Dutch Oven which has a small chip on the interior rim.
    I notified the seller and they stated this is typically normal to have a chip on the
    rim of the lid and base. Is this a fair and accurate statement?
    I look forward to your comments.

    • Hi Darla

      Congratulations on your purchase, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from your oven.

      I agree with the seller. I would expect a few minor blemishes on the rim and edge of the lid of a few millimeters. I’d also expect little chips on Le Creuset ovens as well.

      The lid and rim on an enameled Dutch oven is the area most likely to chip. To prevent major chipping around the edge, I have a feeling Staub actually removes some enamel by hand tooling. But unlike other manufacturers that grinds the enamel back to raw iron, it looks like Staub attempts to retain some of the base coat to reduce rusting.

      However, chips or bubbles on the base exterior or cooking surface, could be grade B stock.

      Check your oven for a quality sticker. The sticker will have the names of two Staub employees that checked the condition of your cookware before leaving the foundry.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I have had Staub Dutch ovens and grills for many years. They are showing a bit of rust on the interior. What do I do from a maintenance perspective

    • Hi Deb

      It sounds like you’ve got a lot of enjoyment and use from your Staub enamelware. To remove rust try a solution of 50 percent water to 50 percent vinegar. Soak your pans for 20-30 minutes, and then wash with a kitchen scrubber. You might need to repeat this method but the vinegar should eat away at the rust.

      Any exposed iron will need to be oiled after use, or to polymerize a layer of oil on the cooking surface. The simplest way to season your Staub cookware is to simply use them, and avoid acidic foods until a layer of oil is polymerized onto the exposed areas. Polymerized oil should adhere the raw iron after a few uses.

      I’d also recommend using wooden or silicon utensils if you’re not already.

      Trust this helps, and happy cooking over the festive season.

    • Hi Lee

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve noticed Staub Sapphire Blue enamel and ceramic baking dishes are more prone to leave visible smudges or fingerprints than other colors. It’s a real shame because I love the color. And I haven’t noticed my fingerprint marks on Staub’s other colored enamel, just the deep blue.

  4. Anyone who is exporting their manufacturing to China is cost-cutting. May be fine for your smartphone or TV or furniture. I’m a bit leery of using something that is coming into contact under heat with something I’m ingesting though.

    • Hi Kaleford

      Thanks for your comment.

      Luckily for us Staub make their cast iron cookware in France. But you’re right, they make ceramic cookware in China. Cookware entering the States must past stringent testing, and the bakeware is quite beautiful. With that being said, “I’m with you”. I’d like to see them make their ceramic range in France as well.

      You might want to check out Emile Henry if you’re interested in France made hollowware. They have some real heft to them too.

  5. Hi, would you happen to know why the Staub 4 qt. round Cocotte on Amazon would be priced around 50 dollars cheaper than the same product in other colors? Basically, I am wondering if you know if color is the only factor. Would it be inferior to the others? I have never owned a Staub and I would like to . Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Katie

      Thanks for your question.

      I’ve noticed Staub sometimes has discounts on their red and black Cocottes on Amazon. And I think this discount represents great value. I own a few black cocottes and I couldn’t be happier with them. Yes, under the enamel it’s the same pot.

      However, Staub’s colored enamel is quite beautiful and I haven’t seen the same depth of color in any other Dutch Oven. The exterior surface on the colored enamel is also smoother than the matte black exterior. This includes the inside of the handles which can feel a little rough on the traditional black finish.

      I have a lot of cast iron pots and pans and I can honestly say I you’re hard pressed to find a better Dutch Oven no matter the color.

      Cheers, I hope this helps.


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