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Staub make same of the best cookware you can buy. At Boonie Hicks we really are some of their biggest fans. We own and use their products all the time. So theres no better place than Boonie Hicks if you want to know all about the cookware and bakeware.

Staub cookware is where it all started for Boonie Hicks. We purchased one of their products and have never looked back. They make some in the finest enameled cast-iron and ceramic on the market. One look and you know theres something that sets Staub apart from other manufactures.

Staub is a new kid on the block trying to establish itself making premium products and they’re succeeding.

With so much to prove, Staub has created a niche in the industry and commercial kitchens. These are some fancy pots but they really are made to be used and they’re fun too.

Maybe they have something to prove or want set themselves apart from the competition. Well they’re doing a fine job in our humble opinion. They are some of the best that you can buy. Why are they so good? You’ve come to the right place.

Are we addicted hmmm no, yes, maybe. Safe to say we like and use their products. Want to see them in action. Then scroll down, were sure you’ll find some interesting articles.

Well to start we have a fair amount of Staub products, you’ll see us use them in many articles. We are enthusiasts of the cookware maker, check out some of our recipes. We hope you enjoy the articles.

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