Staub cast iron cookware, (FAQ, benefits, recommendations)

New Red Staub Dutch oven on a wooden table.

Staub cast iron cookware sure looks good but it’s designed for everyday use.

Staub makes some of the highest quality enameled cast iron cookware on the market. Yes, that’s a bold statement but here’s a quick reason as to why, I think you can’t go wrong with Staub cast iron.

Instead of lowering quality to reduce costs, emphasis on has been on producing some of the world best quality cookware. If you want cast-iron that will last a lifetime like those made in the 19th-20th century by companies such as Wagner and Griswold. Then give Staub a try. The company combines traditional craftsmanship with expertise in enameling.

In this article you can learn about Staub cast iron and what separates it from the competition. After all there’s plenty of choices out there. But first here’s a little background on Staub.

Boonie Hicks with a Staub baking dish and a cast iron skillet
Weighing up your options enameled or regular seasoned cast-iron? Yes that’s me Brett Standeven aka Boonie Hicks with a couple of my pans.

If you’re new to Staub here’s a few FAQs

Who is

Staub is a French company that produces high-end
cookware. They specialize in enameled cast-iron.
Is Staub cast-iron
made in France?

Yes, although the company outsources production of
their ceramic range, 100 percent of Staub cast iron
cookware is made in France.
Is Staub cast-iron
heavier than
Le Creuset?

Yes, I find Staub heavier than Le Creuset. Although,
Staub is much thinner than low-cost cast-iron and celebrity
chef labeled products. Most of which are simply
massed produced in countries with low manufacturing
What is a Staub

A Staub cocotte is the same as a Dutch Oven or what the
French call a French Oven in English.

The French cuisine is renowned as some of the best food in
the world. I’d like to think they also make some of the best
slow cookers.
What products do
they sell?

Staub has a full line of cookware. However, in this
article I will focus on cast iron. Staub’s cast iron range
includes skillets, grill pans, cocottes, griddles, roasters and

If you’re looking for quality cookware either for yourself or as a gift. It’s hard to find better cookware than Staub. Sure, cast-iron is heavier than other cookware but you won’t be replacing your cookware anytime soon.

However, Staub also offers a wide range of cookware, that includes ceramic cookware. Here’s a link to the Staub product overview if you’re interested. But if you’re keen on Staub ironware here’s some reasons to go for enameled cast iron over regular cast iron.

Here are some benefits of Staub cast iron:

  • requires no seasoning
  • easy to clean
  • non-reactive to acidic foods
  • food safe cooking surface
Staub cast iron make spectacular cookware. This pot is made for the Japanese market called a rice cooker.

Table: What are the benefits of using enameled cast iron?

Requires no

Enameled cast-iron doesn’t need the same maintenance as
bare-iron but keeps many of the benefits such as heat retention
and durability.

Since enameled cast-iron cookware requires no maintenance,
cast-iron use has seen a resurgence in popularity. Especially for
first-time users and for people in countries where the use of
other cookware is more widely used.
Easy to clean
It’s a happy medium between bare cast-iron. Firstly users of
cast-iron tend to be careful not to lift the seasoning and usually
refrain from using scouring pads. Secondly food cooked in
stainless steel, seems more prone to sticking.

Enameled cast-iron can be placed in the dishwasher. Although I
would recommend the owner to hand wash to increase the
longevity and the gorgeous color of Staub hollowware.

Enamelware can be soaked in water so even the most baked-on
food releases easily. Metal utensils and sponges can be used
since Staub enameled cookware is scratch-resistant.
acidic foods

Thirdly glaze used to enamel cookware is non-porous and hard.
Perfect to cook highly acidic foods that can react which metal
cookware and taint the taste of food cooked.

Many people consider enameled cookware one of the safest
options to cook on. Enamelware cookware totally separates any
contact of food with metal and non-stick surfaces such as Teflon.
Food safe
Enameled cast iron is considered food safe. It’s non-porous and
separates food from coming into contact with a metal surface.

Is Staub cast iron any good?

I own several matte black pieces to complement my antique cast-iron I and couldn’t be happier. However, I have an envious eye deeply rich blue and green cocottes but is the expensive cookware brand any good?

Check the table below see what make Staub a premium brand.

You’ll love
the look
of Staub

If you’re going to pay for premium cookware you want it to look
good and Staub doesn’t disappoint.

Staub cast iron grills, frying pans, roasters, skillets and their
famous cocottes have classic traditional designs. And they use deep
colors that are timeless unlike lighter colors such as pastels which
go in and out of fashion.

I’m not saying it won’t chip but the cookware is but definitely
resistant to chipping and cracking. But don’t take my word
for it, do a Google image search and you’ll see a lack of damaged
Staub cast-iron cookware.

Staub has focused on quality. Each piece is truly unique and has its
own characteristic.

Since employees check each piece individually to smooth any rough
edges, no two pieces of Staub made cast-iron are the same.

Staub like Le Creuset uses individual sand molds to make their
pieces then each inspected before glazing.

Since Staub cast iron cookware has black interiors food stains are
less apparent.
Made in

Another point to consider the cast iron manufacture is it makes
their cast-iron products locally in France. It is so easy for
manufacturers to move overseas with cheaper labour and lower
cost of production.

Staub chooses to manufacture their enameled cast-iron in their
hometown, in the beautiful region of Alsace which borders
Switzerland and Germany.

Cast iron cocotte

I really have a soft spot for the companies Dutch ovens that they call a cocotte. My ovens are matte black which has a traditional look and they blend in well with my vintage pieces. But there are many wonderfully glossy colors for you to choose from such as Grenadine and Brasil and the Graphite Grey is a real stunner.

Best of all you can have the benefits cast iron with nonporous enamel. So you don’t need to worry about cooking acidic foods such as a big batch of chilli.

The interior is has a matte black finish that some online reviewers have sighted as a negative point because it’s harder to see how well the food is cooked. It’s a good point, however, I think these reviewers don’t take into account long term use. Lighter interiors are harder to keep clean while darker colors hide food stains better.

Some people argue the black interior releases food better than their main competitor Le Creuset. However, I have found no evidence for this I may have to do a side by side comparison in the future.

Cocotte recommendation

I’d do for the 4 quart or 5 1/2 quart round cocotte any better can be too weighty and I find these two sizes are best for daily use.

You can choose your favorite colors but if you want a tip from a Staub cast iron cocotte user I find the Dark Blue more prone to leaving fingermarks. But I love Graphite Grey it’s a neutral color that would look great in both modern and traditional kitchens.

Staub 4 quart round
Staub 5.5 quart round
Weight10.58 pounds12.9 pounds
Dimensions11 x 10.2 x 4.9 inches12.9 x 10.2 x 6.6 inches
Available on
You can read over two
hundred reviews on
(affiliate link)
Check out the reviews on
(affiliate link)

Staub cast iron grill pan

Staub makes some must-have grill pans that will give your steak and vegetables that professional barbeque sear without the need to brave the elements outside. But probably the main benefit of the grill is the potential health benefits.

Staub Grill Pans have higher ridges than most of the competition that allows excess oil to drain away easily. Making them ideal for more health-conscious folks. And when you combined Staub’s high ridges with Staub’s highly chip-resistant enamel it makes a strong contender as one of the best grill pans you can use.


You can choose from a variety of sizes. I have a 10-inch Staub grill pan and It’s a great size for a couple of sirloin steaks. But, I’d recommend a bigger size such as the 13-inch square grill pan which gives you a much larger cooking surface so you can cook a few steaks and sear some vegetables at the same time.

Here’s an affiliate link to Amazon if you want to check out the different sizes. But I find the big double handles on the 13-inch easier to move around than the 12-inch grill pan. And the 10-inch pan is just a little on the small side.

Staub cast iron grill pan
This is my Staub square grill pan. You can see the raised ridges are much higher than other grill pans.

Cast iron gratin/baking dishes

Do you use your baking dishes often? Then you might want to consider a Staub cast iron gratin/baking dish. Here’s a few reasons.

  • baking dishes come in a variety of sizes
  • can be used on the stovetop and in your oven
  • great thermal density for even cooking
  • thermal density prevents food from drying and sticking


You can use your Staub cast iron baking dishes for frying, baking and roasting. Here’s a tip, a smaller cast-iron baking dish is great for roasting vegetables. Choosing a smaller size can save you from wasting cooking oil. Here’s an affiliate link to Amazon if you want to see the sizes available.

I have the oval shape but the round options could be a good alternative to buying a separate enameled skillet.

Cooking in Staub cast iron cookware
Check out the results of cooking with Staub cast iron. How does it look? You can see my baking dish is just at home on an induction cooker as it would be in the oven.

If you’re looking for enameled cast iron consider Staub

Finally, if you are looking for the same benefits of cast-iron without the maintenance, Staub and Le Creuset are ideal choices. They are scratch and chip resistant and use multiple layers of glaze. The cookware is incredibly durable, long-lasting and beautiful. If you would like to learn more about why love our Staub please click “here”.

Staub being a little lesser known than Le Creuset in America, are often conversation pieces in the kitchen with friends and guests.

Similarly to Lodge manufacturing, Le Creuset, Staub make perfect gifts for friends and weddings presents. They are high-quality pieces that will give the user decades of use.

Additionally, Staub is an exceptional brand that specializes in cast-iron enamelware. If you want to upgrade your regular frying pan to one of the finest cast-iron skillets or you simply want try cast-iron cooking for the first time Staub cast iron cookware is a great choice. They have a full product lineup and lots of great colors to choose from. But If you’re still not convinced, or if you want to learn more about their French oven then check out this article on the Staub cocotte.




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