Here’s why the Staub Cocotte is hot on the heels of Le Creuset

Staub has spent over 35 years perfecting a high end cast iron oven known as the Staub Cocotte. But is it any good?

There’s a good reason that enameled cast iron is the preferred choice of cookware from home cooks to professional chefs. Enameled cast-iron has the same thermal density of traditional cast-iron but the nonporous coating is easy to clean and nonreactive when cooking acidic food. But why is the Staub Cocotte expensive and are these expensive pots any good?

The answer is clear if you own the famous cocotte and many owners say the quality of Staub cast iron is simply unparalleled. If you want to learn about the benefits of using Staub iron cast iron just click the link above.

Information on Staub

Staub Origins

Staub has its roots in the French region of Alsace.
Alsace has a rich history in traditional French cookery


Staub was founded in 1974 by Francis Staub

Main cast-iron foundry

Staub Fonderie
Rue des Fondeurs
59660 Merville, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France
Google Maps
Type of casting

There are two types of molds to produce cast-iron.
1. clay molds 2. sand molds Wiki
Staub uses the newer method of sand casting

Signature product

Enameled cast iron cocotte

Signature color

Traditional matte black

What is a cocotte?

It’s interesting that Staub’s nearest competitor Le Creuset doesn’t use the term. A cocotte is French oven used for cooking casseroles and stews in traditional French cuisine. Traditional cocottes were probably similar to modern brasiers. However, today the modern cocotte or French oven is identical in shape and depth as modern Dutch ovens.

Staub Cocotte vs Staub Dutch oven

So you’ve come across retailers advertising Staub cocottes and Staub Dutch ovens in your research and you want to know the difference?

The pots are the same. Staub calls their product a cocotte but it’s not a word well-known outside of France. So many stores and online retailers advertise a Staub Cocotte as a Staub Dutch oven because it’s more familiar with shoppers. Even Le Creuset use the term Dutch Oven as its more familiar with users.

Staub is a specialist manufacturer of cast iron cocottes

Nothing says class, style and quality like seeing a Staub cocotte on your stove. Staub are cast iron specialists they know what they’re doing and it shows. If you pick up and hold a cocotte in your hands you really know this is a finely made product. But don’t let that scare you away. The Staub Cocotte is designed for everyday use.

Just like Le Creuset, the Staub’s Cocotte has a timeless design that is going to look great many years to come.

The benefits of buying a Staub Cocotte go beyond the gorgeous aesthetics and enjoying the cooking experience. The science behind the cocotte has proven, time and time again, that not only does it produce mouthwateringly delicious dishes, but the cooking methods allow for the food to retain their natural nutrients with Staub’s unique tight-fitting lid.

New Red Staub Dutch oven on a wooden table.

Staub’s lid will ensure natural favors are retained

It’s the lid design that represents the true innovation of Staub’s approach to cooking. By optimizing the benefits of the traditional cocotte design through scientific insight, Staub has created a masterpiece in culinary technology.

The underside of the lid designed to create a continuous rainfall cycle over the food. The results are more even and tastier than conventional pots. The design creates a continuous basting system that has been tested and proven to keep meat more tender and veggies softer and more succulent.

Table: why is the lid on the Staub cocotte so good

Melt in your
You have heard of the benefits of slow cooking food. When you cook
in a Staub Cocotte, food retains moisture making meat and
vegetables more tender.

Surprisingly up to 10% more moisture retained in the pot compared
to other brands.

On the underside of a lid you will see a raised pattern. This unique
pattern is more than ornamental it’s the cocotte self-basting system
that drops moisture back on the food.

Staub says their Cocotte provides up to 9 x more efficient basting
than competing brands which enhances natural flavors.

Another benefit of a Staub Cocotte is the tight fitting lid. There is little
wiggle room when you try to move lid side to side. And if you want
the best results slow cooking.
Basil green cocotte made by Stuab (close up picture with French ribbon around the brass knob

Your Staub cocotte is made in France.

A Staub cocotte boasts unrivaled durability that will last a lifetime with proper care. The gorgeous enamelware brings true joy to every proud owner and adds a splash of luxury style to any kitchen.

The enjoyment of cooking with Staub cookware comes, not only from the beauty but also from excellent performance. Cooking with a Staub is something quite special. The cookware company maintains a tradition that has travelled through the centuries.

It’s as though time spent cooking with Staub cast iron can connect us to a delicious slice of French culinary heritage. Staub cookware is as enchanting as it is functional and each cocotte is perfectly enameled on the outside and has a traditional black enamel interior.

Staub manufacturer their cast iron cocotte in France and you can see why Staub are the world leaders in enameling. Each cast iron cocotte is beautifully enameled and Staub cocottes have a deep intense color.

Staub 5.5 quart and the Le Creuset cast iron cocotte compared

Staub 5.5 quart round

Le Creuset

Cast-Iron 5-1/2-quart 




12.9in x 10.2in x 6.6in

12.5in x 12.8in x 5.9in

Country of
matte black enamel
creamy enamel

matte black or glossy colored
Many color options
Requires maintenance

No maintenance required

No maintenance required

Staub’s black interior hides
food stains. Also, it has
self-basting dimples on the

Trusted cast-iron brand.
Also, many prefer the
creamy enamel interior

Available from Amazon

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the Staub 5.5 quart
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Le Creuset Signature
5.5 quart Dutch

Is the Staub Cocotte any good?

Staub cookware is long lasting this can be attributed to the brand’s commitment to continuously maintaining and increasing the quality of their products. Unlike other manufacturers who strive to increase output and reduce costs at the sacrifice of craftsmanship and quality.

Staub stands out from the crowd. There’s a reason Staub has a long list of loyal followers. It’s due to the high level of professionalism and dedication with which they consistently continue to master their craft.

Their recognition as one of the best producers of cast iron cocottes has been well and truly earned. And why does Staub have a great reputation? It’s their expertise in enameling.

Staub enameled French oven

With at least two layers of glossy enameling applied over a base coat before firing. Every cocotte is as smooth as it is gleaming in deep, rich colors. While every piece is perfect, each piece is also unique due to the use of individual sand molds and smoothing each cocotte before enameling.

Another reason that puts Staub a cut above the rest is due to their enamel’s strength. You won’t find any cracking or chipping on your cocotte over the years due to their stringent quality control to ensure each French oven is in perfect condition before leaving the factory.

With exquisite detailing such as brass knobs on black enamel or nickel plated knobs on colored enamel, Staub has succeeded in creating an aesthetic pleasing French oven that has superior quality, function through careful design.

Display of Staub pot. they feature high gloss enamel and a made in France ribbon. (picture of three Staub pots, one is red the other is blue and the last is green)

How are Staub Cocottes made?

  • Staub cocottes use individual sand molds and raw iron, heated to the their desired temperature.
  • After molten iron has each reached 800 degrees centigrade iron is poured into the sand molds
  • Once cooled the sand molds are removed then the young cocottes are checked imperfections and are painstakingly removed by the hands of dedicated master craftsmen making sure every grain of sand is removed.
  • Then the cocottes receive the first of what will be at least three coats of enamel glaze.

What kind of cocotte is right for me?

Staub make three types of French ovens and each have their pros and cons. And one type might be better suited to your needs over another. It’s better to know which cocotte is best before you purchase. I’ll be honest Staub cookware is pricy so it’s important to make to right decision. Here are the different types of Staub Cocottes.

  1. Round cocottes
  2. French ovens
  3. Oval cocottes
Staub Round
For me the Staub round cocotte is the most useable shape

You can use a round cocotte on the stove top and well as the oven.
The most popular sizes have a base of 26cm (10.2in) or 28cm
(11.2in) so the cocottes fit nicely ontop of your stovetop.

Therefore you can use a round cocottes just like you would a
regular pot.

Staub French

Also Staub has another type of cocotte very similar to their famous
round version. And they call it the Staub French oven. Although
technically all three types of cocottes are French ovens.

However, the Staub French oven has softer traditional look and at
3.35-quarts it is a perfect size for most families without the weight
of larger sizes.
Staub Oval

If your are planning to use your cocotte for the Sunday roast then
the Staub Oval cocotte is designed for the task.

If your are looking for a roaster then this is the cocotte you need.
However, keep in mind the bigger sized cocottes can be very heavy.

The Staub Secret To Healthy Living.

Heavenly Aromas

A Staub cocotte retains natural flavour and aroma of the food prepared because of the gentle and natural method of cooking. A Staub cocotte slowly cooks food in cast iron. Therefore food is juicy bringing out natural flavours and smells of every piece of meat and vegetable you place inside.

Moreover, with the specialized lid design, moisture is enclosed and evenly basted over the food at a continuous rate to prevent it from drying. This perfected moisture level enhances flavor and texture like no other cooking method.

The Endless Benefits of Staub Cooking

Meals prepared in your cast iron cocotte are delicious because the lid helps to intensify flavors and aromas not allowing humidity to escape. The Lid design retains more of your foods’ nutrient content. As mentioned earlier the self-basting system retains 10% more moisture within the cocotte than pots produced by other manufacturers. Your cocotte is perfect for stews, searing, slow-cooking and even for bread!

Exceptional Cookware.

Staub cocotte is a timeless piece of cookware to add to your kitchen. Also, Staub cocottes are perfect as a gift to a loved one for a special occasion such as a wedding or a housewarming. A Staub cast iron cocotte is a piece of cookware that will last for many years. Enjoy the benefits of every day as you share delicious and nutritious food with your family.

I wholeheartedly consider Staub cast iron cocottes as the finest quality cookware of it’s kind and therefore their make it in my “who makes the best-enameled cast iron” article. The beauty of the enameling combined with the superior quality manufacturing that truly lasts. In essence, Staub is a fantastic choice for kitchenware. Once you’ve experienced life with a Staub cocotte in your kitchen you’ll never be able to imagine life without one!

Hope you have found the information useful and if your interested in purchasing your own Staub cocotte here’s a link to their Graphite Grey 5.5 quart cocotte on Amazon. (Affiliate link)



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