Is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven worth the hype?

The Le Creuset Dutch oven. What makes them so good. (In the picture many Le Creuset Dutch ovens on display).

If you are looking for a new enameled Dutch Oven, one brand comes to mind. And that’s Le Creuset. But the company is one of the most expensive cookware brands on the market. And you have the ask are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens worth it?

In this article, you can learn more about the Le Creuset Dutch oven and find out why it’s so special. I’ll also touch on some of the most frequently asked questions.

Table of contents

  • Information about Le Creuset
  • Making cast iron cookware since 1925
  • Should you pay extra for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven?
  • How long will the Dutch oven last?
  • The cookware is the industry standard Dutch Oven
  • There are lots of colors available
  • Do Le Creuset Dutch Ovens weigh less?
  • Where are the cast-iron Dutch ovens made?
  • Are the Dutch Ovens food safe?
  • Is Le Creuset a trusted brand
  • What is the best size for you?
  • Are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens worth it?
Is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven good?
Here is Europe’s favorite Le Creuset color, flame. It was named after the color of the molten iron used to make cast-iron products.

About Le Creuset

Origins of Le Creuset

Le Creuset was founded in 1925 (wiki)


Le Creuset has many regional offices to ensure excellent customer service.
However, they are headquartered in France.

902 Rue Olivier De Guise,
France 02230
France (Google maps)

Signature Product

Enameled cast iron Dutch Oven

Signature Color

Flame Orange

Casting Method

Le Creuset uses green sand casting.

Place of Manufacture

All Le Creuset cast iron products are made in France.

Are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens worth the money?

Is Le Creuset a trusted brand? (Infographic)
Here are a few reasons customers choose Le Creuset cookware.

Le Creuset has been making cast-iron cookware since 1925.

The history of Le Creuset spans decades. Le Creuset began manufacturing its award-winning porcelain enamel cast iron pots in 1925. In the little town of Fresnoy-le-Grand, the brand slowly grew to become synonymous with France cookware.

Because Le Creuset has a long history of manufacturing Dutch Ovens, you are buying from a trusted and respected company specializing in cast enameled cast iron cookware. The products are so well made that many mid-century examples can be purchased on the second-hand market.

Looking at the vintage pieces indicates how long your Le Creuset Dutch oven is likely to last. And it is pleasing to note that many vintage pieces have only minor damage to the enamel coating. And most of the wear and tear is contained to a few chips in the enamel.

Why is the Le Creuset cast iron good ( picture of three Le Creuset French ovens on display).

Is it worth paying extra for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

Very few companies have the expertise in enameling that Le Creuset has. Enameling to a high standard is a lost art and requires a lot of capital investment. And this is one of the main reasons companies choose to outsource their enameled cast iron manufacturing. 

Le Creuset and Staub separate themselves from low-cost manufacturers because their Dutch ovens are glazed with three coats of enamel. After each coat of enamel, the Dutch Ovens are put into a kiln to fully adhere the glaze to the cast iron. 

This is one reason Le Creuset Dutch ovens are more expensive, but it is also the main reason it’s worth the extra cost.

How long will my Le Creuset Dutch Ovens last?

A Le Creuset Dutch oven should last a long time with proper care. And this is due to the three coats of enamel. 

With three coats of thick glaze, it is harder to damage the enamel. This could be from scratches from utensils or chipping from accidental bangs against the kitchen bench. 

Because the enamel is less likely to chip, Le Creuset Dutch ovens are also less likely to rust. So your Dutch oven should last many years, even with daily use.

Two white Le Creuset dutch ovens with black knobs.

Professional chefs and online cooks choose Le Creuset.

If you are wondering if a Le Creuset Dutch is worth the money? All you need to do is watch your favorite cooking channel on YouTube. Or the cooking shows on T.V. And you will see so many cooks use Le Creuset Dutch ovens. 

They are the go-to Dutch oven that professionals choose more than any other brand. And that includes the Staub cocotte. 

The light interior could be one of the main reasons for this. Of course, the cream-colored enamel cooking surface is excellent for videos, and viewers can clearly see food cooking.  

You may not be a professional chef. However, the light enamel also helps you see your food cooking, and you can tell when it’s ready.

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens colors are beautiful and appeal to many people.

One of the main reasons you might be willing to pay extra for a Le Creuset Dutch oven is the number of colors available. They range from pretty pastels to bright colors.

Le Creuset also makes country-centric colors and designs. In Japan, for example, you are likely to find subtle colors. But in Europe, the traditional orange flame remains the most popular color.

The depth of color goes back to the three layers of enamel which is lacking on most brands. Le Creuset’s colors are more textured and layered. And it makes the pot a lot more visually appealing. If you want a good-looking Dutch Oven, then you need to look no future than Le Creuset.

The Dutch Ovens are thinner and easier to lift.

Cast iron is heavy, especially when it’s a large Dutch oven filled with food. But this is one of the reasons many prefer to use Le Creuset Dutch ovens. 

Le Creuset ovens have thinner sidewalls to reduce the weight of the pot. And you will be thankful for a lighter-weight if you want a large capacity Dutch oven. The lighter casting comes down to the expertise of Le Creuset. And they have some of the lightest cast iron Dutch ovens on the market. And only ductile cast iron ovens weigh less, but ductile iron is more often used in the automotive industry.

Why are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens expensive? Infographic)
There’s no question Le Creuset cast-iron Dutch Ovens are expensive. Here are a few reasons as to why they are more pricy than other brands.

Where are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens Manufactured?

Le Creuset still designs and manufactures all of its cast iron cookware in France. While this increases the overall costs of manufacturing, it also ensures quality standards are maintained. And every oven is thoroughly checked multiple times before leaving the foundry. 

Are the Le Creuset Dutch Ovens safe to use?

Le Creuset is considered food safe. The Dutch ovens are created from 15% pure pig iron, 50% recycled iron, and 35% recycled steel.

Le Creuset ensures that the cookware does not contain any harmful or radioactive contaminants. And you can cook acidic food without the risk of heavy metals such as nickel leaching.

Additionally, the Dutch Ovens are sturdy and made in one piece of iron. This means that you will never see a Le Creuset French oven popping rivets or enamel coats chipping off.

Le Creuset flame colour Dutch oven

Does Le Creuset have a good reputation? 

The Dutch ovens are known as the brand to use if your budget allows. And it is not surprising owners love using their ovens and would not consider using anything else.

And this is an excellent endorsement of the brand. After all, if the Dutch Ovens were not worth the money, owners would complain. But they don’t, these ovens are top-notch and the reason it makes my best iron enameled cookware list. And simply click the link if you want to learn more. 

Comparison of Le Creuset cast-iron cookware with other alternative brands.

Green Le Creuset Dutch oven

Lots of sizes to choose from

Unlike other brands, Le Creuset offers a wide range of sizes. So there is an oven for singles to extended families. However, if you are buying for yourself, I would recommend sizing up.

I’ve read many articles recommending the 5.5-quart oven. And although I question the authenticity of some articles, I tend to agree with their conclusion. Unless you are cooking big joints of meat, the Le Creuset round 5.5-quart Dutch oven is in the Goldilocks zone for most users.


My recommendation differs from the official Le Creuset recommendation.
(assumes people are fully grown adults)

2-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 1-2 people

3.5-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 2-3 people

4.5-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 3-4

5.5-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 4-5 (Best size for most)
To see the prices on Amazon, just click the link
(Affiliate Link).

7.25-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 6-7 people

9-quart round Dutch Oven
Best for 7+ people (getting too heavy)

Why should I cook with a Dutch oven?

Cast-iron has the best thermal mass performance because of its thickness compared to other cookware. Once you preheat the oven, it cooks more evenly than most other materials. It just takes more time to reach temperature. This is why cast iron is excellent for slow cooking and meals using liquids.  It is still the material of choice for French ovens or Dutch ovens. Even modern alternatives can’t compare.

Also, with an excellent thermal mass, cast-iron cookware stays hotter for longer. I love cast iron, but for some, the weight of cast iron is an issue. Then the Emile Henry ceramic Dutch oven could be your answer. 

So what sets Le Creuset Dutch ovens apart from alternatives brands?

Benefits of Le Creuset Dutch Oven (infographic)
Here are a few reasons to use a Le Creuset enameled Dutch Oven
  1. With many sizes available, there is a size perfect for every situation.
  2. Enameled cooking surface makes cleaning easier.  
  3. Le Creuset products have excellent attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously checked for imperfections.
  4. Le Creuset only manufactures high-quality products. Therefore, they are one of the most trusted brands in cookware.
  5. The colors are so beautiful. Le Creuset makes pretty pastels and also brightly colored shades.
  6. Le Creuset manufactures its cast iron in France.

Are Le Creuset Dutch Ovens worth it?

Is a Le Creuset Dutch Oven worth the extra cost? No doubt they are expensive pots. But they will last much longer than competing brands. And they also happen to look fantastic.

Le Creuset makes its cast iron cookware lighter than other brands. And this makes the cookware more pleasurable to use. With three layers of enamel coating, the Dutch oven is scratch-resistant and less likely to chip. And this is the reason I think the Le Creuset hype is well deserved.

So why not treat yourself a visit your nearest Le Creuset store? Have fun cooking.

Example of Le Cresuet cast iron colors
Here’s an example of the colors available Le Creuset



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