You’ll just adore Le Creuset ceramic cookware, heres why.

Is Le Creuset ceramic cookware good. (in the picture is a white ceramic bowl filled with fruit).

Needing no introduction Le Creuset ceramic cookware widely regarded as one of the worlds best kitchenware brands. It’s also ever so lovely to look at.

We love our French cookware it’s such a pleasure to use. Right up there has to be Le Creuset ceramic cookware. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular cookware brands in the world. In fact, Le Creuset has been producing cookware for nearly 100 years. They have a reputation for manufacturing high-end quality cookware designed to last for years and years.  Since 1925, Le Creuset has been manufacturing cast iron cookware in their Fresnoy-le-Grand factory in France and still do to this day.

The French cookware company also makes lovely ceramic cookware and tableware. These ceramics made with the same care and standard as their original cast iron products. Add to the fact Le Creuset has so many lovely colours to choose from.

Over the years, Le Creuset has continued to expand the variety and range of products. These include; toughened non-stick pans, silicone kitchenware utensils, and a variety of wine accessories and of course ceramic cookware.

Le Creuset ceramic cookware and tableware on display.

Le Creuset ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware has risen in popularity over the past few years. One of the main reasons is that ceramic cookware can come in so many exciting colours and sizes that suit every kitchen task. We are moving beyond the standard white ceramic dinner plate. While white ceramics have a clean look more and more people are opting for more warm, fun colours.

The ceramic coating on earthenware makes the cookware become non-porous. It also makes the surface more non-stick, while nowhere as non-stick as Teflon, it is more non-stick and easier to clean than stainless steel. For more benefits of ceramic kitchenware.

Pure and coated ceramic cookware?

There are two types of ceramic cookware; pure and ceramic coated. Pure ceramic is what naturally comes to mind what we think of ceramic cookware. Clay earthenware with an enamel glaze. While coated ceramic cookware is relatively new. A thin layer of ceramic coating applied to a metal base.

Le Creuset ceramic cookware. (Picture of two red mini ceramic cocottes).

Differences between ceramic coated cookware and pure ceramic cookware;

Pure ceramic cookware

We believe simple is best when it comes to ceramic cookware. In Le Creuset pure ceramic cookware, the main materials used are clay and quartz sand.  When the correct percentages of sand to clay had been added (which I’m sure would be a tightly held secret) molds are used for the desired shape and size.

After this, the process of vitrification occurs at approximately 1915 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the glossy look and to attain a waterproof surface, the cookware is subjected to a glazing process that makes the surface glossy and decorative.  Pure ceramic cookware can also be referred to as classic ceramic cookware.

Le Creuset ceramics on display (In the picture are two pudding dishes with a dutch oven and three salt and pepper shakers in the background).

Ceramic coated cookware

Ceramic coated cookware is constructed from different kinds of metal such as aluminum, which is then coated with a film of polymer substances that have the same appearance as ceramics. The external coating contains several components including various colour pigments, non-stick elements, binders, and strengthening agents.  Unlike pure ceramic, since the external coating is manmade, it disintegrates and fades away over time, which causes the exposure of the metal base. Depending on how often ceramic coated cookware is used, it can serve you for as long as 5 years as long as care is maintained. Ceramic coated cookware is also called modern ceramic cookware or ceramic non-stick cookware. You can tell the difference between ceramic coated pans and enameled pans by the glossy finish or lack of. Pans labeled ceramic cookware are light quite often poorly made and have a dull finish.

Advantages of Le Creuset ceramic cookware


Le Creuset cookware is ergonomically designed, the cooking surfaces and the handles of the cookware are all part of the same piece. The chances of the handles breaking off while taking the dish from the oven are slim.

Microwave friendly

Le Creuset cookware is made from 100% ceramics. So can be used easily in a microwave. On the other hand, many other brands of ceramic coated cookware have a metal core and base that make it unsuitable for microwave use.

Good heat retention

Le Creuset cookware has a high heat retention capacity because the walls of ceramic cookware hold heat for long periods even after being taken out of the oven. Some alternatives of ceramic cookware typically do not retain heat after the heat source is turned off because of the thin metal used in the cookware.

Is easy to use in the oven

Le Creuset cookware can be used easily for baking in the oven. The cookware can handle temperatures that are as high as 2000 ° F. Therefore, they can withstand oven use unlike other lower quality and less expensive brands. Such brands of coated ceramic can only be used in low-temperature ovens.

Le Creuset Ceramic cookware (In the Picture is two ceramic dishes one orange the other rose pink).

Dishwasher safe

Le Creuset ceramic cookware has a vitreous surface that is impenetrable to liquids, which makes it safe for use in a dishwasher. With other brands of ceramic coated cookware, you generally have to stick to hand washing to prevent wearing out the nonstick surface.

Take a look around your kitchen

Le Creuset cookware can be quite a costly investment. So before you go shopping, take a look around your kitchen to determine what type of cookware you need to purchase or replace. You may want to start with buying just one piece to see if you enjoy using it. An old Teflon pan maybe scratched. In such a case, it might be a good idea to replace it. Alternatively, it might be a good idea to add a custom piece such as a crepe maker. Taking stock of your equipment may help you to cut costs so that you can finally purchase that Le Creuset cookware piece that you have desired.

Take note of your cooking techniques and styles

To determine which Le Creuset cookware piece to invest in, think about what food items you cook most frequently. This will help to influence your choice of cooking materials. For instance, if you roast or bake then Le Creuset ceramic cookware is perfect for you. However, if you sear meat frequently, you may want a wide pan such as a skillet so that you can brown and turn your meat easily. If you prefer to slow cook your food, then a Dutch or French oven may be more appropriate for the job.

Match your ceramic cookware to the cooktop that you use

Before making any purchase, make sure to consider how your new Le Creuset cookware will handle on your cooktop. Please remember most pure ceramic cookware including Le Creuset is unsuitable for use on direct heat. Emile Henry offers pure ceramics in their flame top lineup that can be used on the stove top.

Flat bottomed ceramic pans, which are increasingly popular, may be more appropriate to use for a smooth top range because they are so light. However, if you have an induction cooktop, you must purchase cookware that has magnetic properties that can allow the cookware to work on the induction then the Le Creuset cast iron range would be ideal.

Decide how many pieces you want

If you do not own a cookware set, you might need to purchase one depending on the number of people you typically cook for. You may need an assortment of different sizes of bakeware, stockpots, skillets, French ovens.  Buying a set that contains a piece that you do not need may not be the best choice. It also limits you on the colour choice.

Consider shopping at a physical location

Since this cookware that will last for generations, it may help to handle the cookware at a physical retailer. This will allow you to feel and see how the piece feels in your hand. Alternatively, because the manufacturing standards of Le Creuset cookware are high, you can always rely on online purchases.  All Le Creuset cookware products are of high quality, which means that you will rarely encounter any damage or chips upon purchase. “Here” you can find out why Le Creuset commands a higher price. We really do think it’s with it.

Taking care of Le Creuset ceramic cookware;

  1. If your cookware is brand new, ensure to remove any tags or shipping stickers. It may sound boring but read the manuals that come with your cookware. Manuals contain tips and information about the various features of the Le Creuset ceramic cookware that you have purchased.
  2. Use the correct utensils when using Le Creuset ceramic cookware. If you can, try to stick to silicone, wood or nylon utensils.
  3. To protect your Le Creuset cookware, ensure to use your empty cookware on low heat at first. This will increase the life span of your dishes and prevent hot spots before the entire dish reaches the required temperature.
  4. As much as possible, try to stack smaller dishes inside larger ones, instead of simply storing one dish on top of another. This will help prevent chipping.


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