The Reasons Why Griswold Cast Iron Is So Expensive

Why is Griswold Griswold iron expensive

Are you looking to purchase your first piece of vintage cast iron? Then, in your research, two brand names will likely appear repeatedly. The two names are Wagner and Griswold, and I think you would be happy with either. It is Griswold that seems to command the highest asking prices. So why does Griswold cast iron cost more than other manufacturers? While I do not justify the high prices often asked by sellers, I will explain why Griswold cast iron is so expensive. 

Table of contents

  1. Griswold is the name for quality ironware
  2. People will seek out and only buy a Griswold skillet
  3. Collectibility affects the value of the ironware
  4. The logo desirability
  5. Buying Griswold cookware for a gift
  6. Restoration increased the cost of the ironware
  7. Prices online are often higher
  8. Conclusion as to why Griswold cast iron is so expensive

Reasons Griswold Cast Iron Costs More Than Other Vintage Ironware

Why is Griswold cast iron expensive?
Here are the reasons why Griswold can be pricy.

Griswold’s Reputation For Quality Ironware

There’s no question that Griswold made high-quality cast iron cookware. And you can expect finely cast ironware with few imperfections on the cookware’s interior and exterior. While a rough exterior does not affect the cooking experience, you’ll be grateful for a smooth cooking surface free of casting bubbles often present on vintage pans. With a well-seasoned Griswold pan, bacon and eggs will release freely.

Griswold cast iron is also lighter than most modern cast iron cookware. The company manufactured their cookware thinner to reduce the weight. Today, cooks often look to vintage ironware for user-friendly cookware.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Griswold was known for high-quality ironware. Their cookware was so good that many competitors shamelessly used Griswold Manufacturing cookware as templates for their cookware. 

Today, many consider Griswold some of the best cast-iron ever made. And so, it’s not surprising that ironware can cost more than other brands. Although Griswold is known as the best vintage ironware, I wouldn’t pass over cookware from different foundries. This article will familiarize you with some of the best vintage cast manufacturers.

Paying Extra For The Griswold Name

One of the reasons Griswold cast iron is so expensive is simply down to people willing to pay more. People looking to buy one or two pans will likely pay extra for the Griswold name. 

The Griswold name is synonymous with quality ironware, and it attracts a wide range of buyers, from collectors and those looking to start a collection to those looking for a daily pan to use in their kitchen. 

Some may overlook brands of equal quality and pay extra for the Griswold name. However, this interest from a large buyer pool undoubtedly increases the asking prices from sellers and makes Griswold more expensive than other vintage brands.

Griswold Cast iron Is Highly Collectible.

Griswold and Wagner are the most sought-after cast iron among collectors. The company had a full line of products and produced its goods in various sizes. And this makes the ironware fun to collect for collectors and enthusiasts. 

So when a rare piece or size comes up for sale, it will attract the attention of many buyers and ultimately drive up the price. You should expect to pay extra for sizes like 4, 12, 13, 14, and 20. A rare skillet with the Erie Spider logo can cost thousands of dollars if the skillet is free from cracks and the logo is crisp and clear. 

You can learn the reasons that affect the value of Griswold skillets in this article.

People Like The Logo Designs

Vintage ironware has an old-world charm that people love. And if you love the primitive or farmhouse look, opt for the Griswold large circle cross logos. 

I see no quality difference between the large block and the slanted logo. However, the older slant logo is less common than the block logo, and enthusiasts are willing to pay a slightly higher price.

Griswold ironware with a large logo will cost more than ironware with a small logo. Griswold cookware with a large logo has more appeal than a smaller logo and is, therefore, more expensive.

Collectors also like to collect rare pieces of Griswold cast iron. Click the link to learn about these sought-after pieces.

Gifts And Family Heirloom Pieces

Another factor why Griswold cast iron is so expensive is gifting. If you are looking for a gift to buy a cast iron enthusiast, Griswold is a safe option, and it is sure not to disappoint. People often want a pan in excellent condition, with a clean cooking surface and little to no warp in the cookware. So, when seeing a cheap Griswold for sale, I would advise you to inspect cookware before purchasing. 

Here is some advice on inspecting the condition of a Griswold pan before purchasing.

Griswold cast iron also makes a great heirloom in the family. People wanting to buy a skillet to one day pass on to their children often mention Griswold as their top choice, and they usually want a larger size in top condition. 

I’m unsure how much the vintage cast iron market buys for a loved one. But from my experience, it makes a fair chunk. It has probably contributed to high prices and those making a side hustle from buying and restoring vintage cookware.

Griswold Restored Ironware

If you are new to vintage cast iron, you could be looking to purchase a fully restored piece of ironware. A fully restored skillet or Dutch Oven will likely cost a lot more. Not only does the restorer know the value of Griswold ironware, but fully restoring a piece of ironware takes a lot of time and space to set up an electrolysis tank. 

Of course, the restorer needs to make a little profit as well. But considering the time and effort to restore cast iron, I recommend paying extra.

Inflated Online Asking Prices

When looking for Griswold cast iron, you will likely search for online pieces for sale. You have to keep in mind online Griswold cast iron often sells for inflated prices due to the large buyer pool, and some sellers set unrealistic prices because of the Griswold name. And you may see an Erie Spider with an asking price of many thousands of dollars. Even though the listing will undoubtedly attract attention, it will likely not sell.

Purchasing Griswold cast iron is probably one of the best ways to find vintage ironware. But there are other places to buy Griswold cast iron. Click the link to learn more.

Why Is Griswold Cast Iron So Expensive?

If you are looking for vintage iron, then Griswold is an excellent choice. Griswold cookware tends to have fewer casting imperfections, making it a joy to use. 

Griswold cast iron is a great choice when buying for a loved one, and many options are available online if you are looking for a restored pan. But for these reasons, you can expect Griswold cast iron to cost more than other brands. In many cases, the extra expense can be justifiable. However, I recommend taking your time before overpaying for the Griswold name.



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