How Much Is My Griswold Skillet Worth? Factors That Affect Value.

How much is my Griswold skillet worth

So, how much is my Griswold skillet worth? Learn the factors determining the asking and selling prices of a Griswold cast iron skillet. The value of antique cast iron is subjective. But if you want to buy a vintage Griswold or are curious about the value of your skillet or Griswold ironware, here are some simple contributing factors that determine the value. 

With this article, I hope buyers understand why asking prices differ depending on logo, size, and condition. And identify noncollector pieces that have high asking prices.

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The valuation and condition guide is the fourth in a series of simple informative articles. To help those who want to learn more about Griswold cast iron. Here is some further reading if you are interested.

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Table Of Contents

  • How much is my Griswold skillet worth?
  • Does rust affect the value of my skillet?
  • Does the logo matter?
  • Are Griswold skillets with a heat ring worth more?
  • Why do large-sized Griswold skillets cost so much?
  • Should I buy a pan with a crack?
  • The skillet has a warp. Does this affect the value of the skillet?
  • The skillet I want has a pitted base. Can I offer a lower price?
  • The skillet has utensil marks.
  • The skillet has fire damage. 
  • How much should I pay for a Griswold skillet?
  • Final thoughts

How Much Is My Griswold Skillet Worth?

Do you want to know the current selling prices for Griswold cast iron? Please understand I can not give an online quote or estimate. But I can help point you in the right direction.

How to value your Griswold cast iron?
Collectors look at the logo, condition and size to determine value.

The Online Store eBay Has A Sold Listings Section.

First, I recommend going to eBay. The online store puts buyers and sellers together and sells antique cast iron daily. 

The prices are often higher; this could be the place to achieve the best price if you sell. However, if you are buying, eBay is one of the most expensive options. 

But eBay has a huge market presence. You can get a good idea of the value of your pan by looking at other Griswold skillets in comparable conditions. 

Here’s How You Do It On A Desktop Computer.

  1. Go to the eBay homepage. 
  2. In the search bar, type the basic description of your pan. For example, Griswold cast iron skillet 8.
  3. Once you hit enter, you will see current listings.
  4. On the left-hand side menu, look for sold listings.
  5. Click, and the page will refresh to show sold listings.

Factors That Determine The Price Of Griswold Cast Iron. 

Does Rust Affect The Value Of My Skillet?

The condition of your pan will affect how much your Griswold is worth. After all, it will take time to remove the rust and seasoning. Then the skillet will have to be reseasoned. Restoring a skillet takes a lot of time most of us do not have. And it also requires knowledge and experience.

You can pick up a rusty skillet at a much lower price. However, rust also hides faults. These include.

  1. The skillet may have a hairline crack.
  2. Rust hides, pitting on the pan.
  3. Rust conceals the logo beneath. 

Does The Logo Matter On Griswold Pans?

Some logos are more desirable than others. Generally speaking, the Large Slant and Large Block logos sell for more. And skillets with a small block logo have less value. 

The large logo covers much of the skillet base and displays great. Skillets with the small Griswold logo have lost much of the old-world character. And are not as sought-after by collectors. However, there should be no discernible cooking performance between the two. Both large and small logos are excellent high-quality pans.

You can learn the different Griswold logos by clicking the link.

Does The Heat Ring Increase The Value Of The Skillet?

Many buyers will pay extra for a pan with a heat ring found on older skillets. Older skillets also have the much-sought-after slant and block logos. However, rare sizes on smooth bottom pans often negate the premium paid for heat rings.

Again, a heat ring is no indication of cooking performance but rather the desirability of the pan. Griswold skillets that have a heat ring are generally more collectible.

How Does Size Affect The Value Of A Griswold Skillet?

Rare sizes on Griswold skillets can affect how much a pan is worth. Sellers put a premium on both irregular small sizes and larger sizes. Although I prefer larger pans, size two can command a high price tag. 

And many people like the larger-sized pans for baking. Sizes 10-14 can cost a pretty penny, particularly for size 13. 

I would love to get a size 13 with a Slant logo.

What Factors Lower The Price Of Griswold Cast Iron?

Should I Buy A Skillet With A Crack?

It’s a shame to see old vintage skillets with hairline cracks. And it is one of the benefits of buying a restored skillet. Unfortunately, hairline cracks can go unnoticed when you get caught up in the excitement of purchasing a skillet.

However, cracks drastically reduce the value of the skillet. And only the rarest of sizes and logos hold much worth.

Does A Bowing Or Warpage Reduce The Value? 

Griswold skillets have some weight and are less prone to warping than lighter pans. But due to age, many skillets have an upward or downward bow.

Many collectors will accept a little movement to the pan. But those new to cast iron often want a skillet to sit completely flat. This request is understandable since they are likely to purchase only one pan. But it does increase the value and demand for flat skillets. 

If the pan spins on a flat surface, it detracts from how much the skillet is worth. It could be a safety risk when cooking with hot oil.

Even though larger sizes are sought-after, they are also more prone to warping. So before you buy a large-sized Griswold skillet, ensure it does not spin.

Does Pitting Affect The Value Of The Pan?

Pitting can occur inside and outside of the pan. Although less common on Griswold skillets, any vintage pan may have sulfur pitting on the base. 

Pitting usually comes from cooking on an old wood or coal stove. And many enthusiasts overlook some pitting on the back of the pan. However, heavy pitting or pitting that obscures the logo will detract from the overall value and collectibility of the skillet.

If The Skillet Has A Hole In The Cooking Surface, Should I Buy It?

Griswold pans are known to have a smooth cooking surface. But this does not mean every skillet is free from flaws. Pitting can also occur due to poor storage. Moisture and rusting can leave the skillets a little rough.

Because Griswold frying pans are known to have a smooth cooking surface, people may pass if the skillet is too rough. 

The Pan Has Scratches On The Cooking Surface.

It is not usual to see vintage skillets with utensil scratches on the cooking surface. It is likely from the previous owner using knives, metal spatulas, or other utensils in the pan. 

You can expect a few scratches after years of use. And it should not impact the value of the pan, too, if the scratches are not too deep. They generally fill over time as you build the seasoning.

Does The Skillet Have Orange Spots? Well, This Could Be Fire Damage.

It is unfortunate if your Griswold skillet has an orange base because it could be from fire damage. Fire damage is a result of the skillet used in extreme temperatures. Probably as a method to remove the seasoning. 

It is unusual to fire damage, but it is heartbreaking when you do. Unfortunately, fire damage will lower the value of the skillet.

How Much Is My Griswold Skillet Worth?

Look at the previously mentioned factors that go into the asking prices of Griswold skillets. And I recommend checking eBay to get an idea of current selling prices. 

If you have a Griswold skillet, finding out how much it could be worth is always interesting. But I hope you will hold on and treasure your skillet.

And if you are in the market to buy your first Griswold, I hope you consider these factors before purchasing. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a restored skillet could be the way for many new vintage ironware. And it is much easier to check for defaults and negotiate a fair price with the seller.

I hope you found the article helpful. If you want to learn Griswold’s history, this article might interest you, too. 




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