7 Reasons Why Griswold Cast Iron Is Better

Why is Griswold cast iron better

If you are looking for a skillet, griddle, or Dutch oven, why not choose a Griswold? Griswold is an excellent choice if you are looking to start a collection or want a quality piece of vintage cookware. In this article, I will answer Why Griswold cast iron is better. And why you should treat yourself to a quality piece of vintage cookware.

Although other vintage brands also have many of the qualities of Griswold ironware, Griswold always comes out on top. So, avoiding the Griswold snobbery, you will learn why Griswold is the most sought-after vintage brand. Hopefully, you will feel confident in your purchase or get the go-ahead from your partner to choose a Griswold.

Table Of Contents

  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth cooking surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Appearance
  • Collectibility
  • History
  • Is Griswold cast iron any good?
Is Griswold Cast Iron Good
Did you know Griswold had a full range of cooking including, Skillets, Griddles, Dutch Ovens and Gem Pan.

Here’s 7 Reasons – Why Is Griswold Cast Iron Better


Yes, like other cookware makers promising long-lasting cookware, your Griswold cast iron is almost guaranteed to last forever with proper care. After all, products from the late 1800s are still in use today, And I’m sure Griswold and Griswold Erie owners would never trade their beloved vintage cast iron for anything else.

Unlike nonstick cooking surfaces that slowly deteriorate over time, your Griswold improves with age as the seasoning builds up. This seasoning is polymerized oil that bonds to the cookware. It forms a natural protective layer on the ironware that limits utensil scratches and rust.

Smooth Cooking Surfaces

Why is Griswold cast iron better? Many Griswold owners, including myself, will say it’s the smooth cooking surface. A smooth cooking surface is not uncommon in vintage cast iron cookware and one of the main reasons many people opt for vintage cast iron over modern iron cookware.

Cast iron from Griswold Manufacturing is no exception. Griswold ironware is known for having ultra-smooth surfaces on the interior and exterior of the cookware. 

And this is one of the reasons Griswold makes my list of the best vintage cast iron skillet brands. Click the link to learn of the other top cast iron foundries of the 19th and 20th centuries.

How does a smooth cooking surface improve your cooking experience?

  1. A smooth cooking surface releases food more freely. So food prone to sticking, such as eggs and delicate fish, should be less inclined to stick to the cookware.
  2. A smooth cooking surface makes a less scraping sound when using utensils. Modern cast iron cookware sounds terrible when using a spatula or fish slice. 


Another benefit to using Griswold cast iron is that it’s thinner and lighter than modern cast iron. Griswold ironware attracts users who find modern cast iron too heavy and impractical. But they still want the benefits of cooking in cast iron.

Sure, cast iron cookware is heavy, but even a slight reduction in weight makes it more enjoyable to use. And if you want a lighter-weight camp oven or Dutch oven, your choices are limited. 

The lighter weight of the cookware is also an ideal option for the older generations that still want to cook with cast iron. But struggle to lift newer and heavier cast iron cookware.


Is Griswold cast iron good? There are other benefits to choosing Griswold cast iron besides the quality of the cookware. Another reason to opt for a vintage Dutch oven or skillet is the visual appearance. 

The design of vintage cast iron has an old-world charm that many find warm and appealing. Especially the older cast iron pans that have early logos. 

A good entry point for vintage ironware is purchasing a skillet. I think you will like the look of old Griswold skillets because they have:

  1. High sidewalls 
  2. Big old-world-style logos
  3. Traditional teardrop sharp handles

To become familiar with the Griswold logos and estimate the date of manufacture, you’ll find this article particularly useful. You can read more about buying your first Griswold skillet in this article. 


Griswold is one of the best vintage brands if you want to start collecting vintage cast iron. Griswold is known for being some of the finest quality cast iron cookware on the market. It is popular with both enthusiasts and home cooks. 

Some collectors like to find rare and collectible Griswold pieces. And others collect one type of cookware or logo. Many enthusiasts hoard any Griswold cast iron we can get our hands on.

If you are getting into vintage cast iron, there is no better choice than Griswold. There is a lot of ironware around, and there are Facebook groups and Griswold clubs you can join to learn and share your hobby with others.

There are many rare and sought-after pieces of Griswold cast iron to collect. In this article, you can learn about rare cookware and sizes.


Griswold Manufacturing was once one of the biggest foundries in America manufacturing cast iron cookware. Sadly, the foundry is now closed, and the only way to purchase Griswold cast iron is on the second-hand market. 

So, one of the reasons to choose Griswold is the heritage and history of the company. And you can experience this history in every pan. 

Not only is Griswold the maker of some of the finest cookware, but it’s also part of America’s cultural heritage. You’re not using a piece of ordinary cookware when you’re cooking with a 100-year-old Griswold.

Griswold manufacturing has a fascinating history. Click the link to learn more about the history and timeline of the company.

Why Is Griswold Better?

There is no doubt that Griswold cast iron is good. Not only is it good, but the ironware is considered by many to be some of the best cast-iron ever made in America.  

Many places sell Griswold ironware. But I tend to recommend restored pieces to those new to cast iron so you can enjoy your ironware straight away. You will enjoy cooking on a smooth surface in a pan over 100 years old.

And I think the main reason Griswold cast iron is better is the feeling you get when you use a vintage pan.



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