Where Can You Buy Griswold Cast Iron? Advice For Noncollectors.

Where can you buy Griswold Cast Iron

If you want a vintage cast iron skillet, you may have your heart set on one from the Griswold Manufacturing Company. As you may be aware, the company is no longer in operation, so you need to look at the second-hand market. But where can you buy Griswold cast iron? This article will explain the best places and sites to purchase your Griswold skillet. With the pros and cons of each, to help noncollectors make their first purchase.

Here is the second article to help noncollectors enjoy Griswold cast iron skillets. Below are more articles to further your knowledge. 

Table Of Contents

  • Search eBay for Griswold cast iron.
  • Finding cast iron on Esty
  • Facebook Groups
  • Finding Griswold ironware garage sales.
  • Going to a market stall.
  • Buying at Goodwill and charity stores.
  • Buying a Griswold skillet at an auction 
  • Pros and cons of each 
  • Final thoughts 

Where Are The Best Places To Find Antique Griswold Cast iron?

Where to buy Griswold Cast iron?
Where do you prefer to shop, online or the retail stores? Luckily, there are many places to find antique cast iron. Although finding a Griswold pan in good condition is a fun challenge.

Is eBay A Good Place To Buy A Griswold Skillet? 

Undoubtedly, eBay has the widest selection of Griswold cast iron available. With new listings on the site daily, you will have no shortage of choices. 

You Have A High Chance To Find A Griswold With Your Favorite Logo. 

The online site is probably the best place to find rare and unusual pieces of ironware. And you can search for your favorite Griswold logo, including the favored slant logos and Griswold’s Erie logo. 

Many collectors have a love-hate relationship with the online marketplace. You can find rare and usual Griswold ironware, but prices can be far higher than market value. Unfortunately, many people new to buying vintage skillets can overpay. 

Another Drawback Is Buying Sight Unseen. 

I recommend asking the seller questions and reading the description carefully. You want to determine if the skillet wobbles or moves on a flat surface. Also, enlarge the pictures and carefully check for hairline cracks. 

Buy From A Reputable Seller.

Check the star rating on the seller before buying your Griswold skillet. And read any negative reviews. You want to ensure the seller lists items true to their description and that the packages arrived undamaged. 

Buying from a restorer has some clear advantages, including.

  1. The seller will ask for a fair price.
  2. Your Griswold will be completely restored and ready to use. 
  3. Restorers should accurately describe the skillet.
  4. The restorer will know the importance of securely wrapping the skillet to prevent damage during shipment.

Finding Griswold Cast Iron On Esty.

Esty is an online storefront that puts buyers and sellers together without needing a brick-and-mortar store. It is a place to find a wide selection of restored Griswold skillets.
The online storefront is more well-known for arts and crafts. But in this case, the restorer has a unique skill set for restoring these old pans. And they will most likely use electrolysis to restore the skillets.

You can message the seller directly. And ask if they can combine skillets if you buy more than one piece. You can also check the shipping details and request a slower shipping method to reduce costs.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are also a popular way to buy and sell ironware. And if you are looking for a Griswold skillet at a reasonable price, this is one of your better options.

However, the Facebook marketplace is notorious for scammers, and I recommend joining a FaceBook group specializing in cast iron if you take this route. Buying and selling on Facebook put both the buyer and seller in a private sale. 

So before you say yes to any deal, make sure you are 100 percent committed to completing the transaction.

Garage Sales

Undoubtedly, this is the best and most fun way to find your Griswold skillet. You are likely to find a frying pan in unrestored condition. Some may be in poor condition and not worth the effort to restore unless you want to avoid setting up an electrolysis tank.  

But you might be able to find yourself a rare pan at a bargain price. And this is why it’s fun.

However, you’ll likely find a skillet that is not a Griswold. But many of these skillets are of excellent quality. And I’m sure you will be just as happy. 

To learn about other foundries, click the link.

Should You Buy Your Griswold Skillet At A Flea Market?

Another place where you can buy a Griswold skillet is at a market stall. The seller may sell a variety of antiquities and used goods or specialize in cast iron. 

Going to a used market with open stalls is one of the best places to hold and inspect the ironware. The seller may be able to answer a question or two. But many will have limited knowledge.

And it’s best to have some knowledge before you buy. To familiarize yourself with the Griswold dates and markings, click the link.

Griswold Ironware In Antique Stores. 

It’s fun to go antiquing, and the next time you see an antique store, why not go in? Griswold manufactured a lot of ironware, which is not uncommon to find in antique stores nationwide. 

The ironware will likely be higher priced, but the owners have overheads to pay. And unlike purchasing online, you won’t have the shipping costs. And trust me, as an overseas collector, the shipping fee can be a large part of the overall cost.

Buy Your Skillet At A Goodwill Or Charity Store. 

Next time you see a Goodwill or charity store, see what they have. They will likely have a small selection of ironware. And you never know it could be a Griswold pan you’ve always wanted.

Best of all, if you buy from a charity shop, it goes to a good cause. 

Buy A Griswold Skillet At An Auction.

The last place where you can find a Griswold skillet is at an auction. However, I recommend this method for those with experience purchasing cast iron cookware. But estate sales are excellent places to find vintage cast iron. And I’m sure the owner would want the skillets to find a good home. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Griswold Online vs. At A Physical Location?

Where Can I Find A Griswold Cast Iron? (Online)

Online Buying



Buying A Skillet On eBay

eBay has the widest selection of cast iron available.
You can find your favorite logo relatively easily.

You could pay more than you want to during bidding.
Shipping is an added cost.
Sellers may poorly describe the skillet.

Finding A Seller On Etsy

A good selection of ironware is available.
Often, the sellers professionally restore ironware.

Shipping ironware can be expensive.
You can pick up and inspect the cast iron.

Purchasing Through Facebook

Ironware is for sale at a fair price.
Some sellers specialize in selling restored ironware.

Shipping ironware can be expensive.
You can not inspect the skillet.

Where Can I Find A Griswold Cast Iron Skillet? (Physical Location)

Physical Location



Garage Sales

It’s fun to walk around.
You could find a scarce skillet for a low price.

Most of the ironware will be noncollectable.
It could take a long take to find the skillets you want.

Antique Store

Sellers could be knowledgeable.
Fun to walk around the store.
No shipping cost.

Collectible cast iron often has high asking prices.
There will be a limited selection of ironware for sale.

Charity Store

It’s fun to look around the store.
Profit goes to a good cause.

A limited amount of vintage cast iron will be for sale.


You can buy Griswold cast iron at fair prices.
Some auctions have a lot of cast iron available.

You need to register before bidding.
Travel costs
Waiting for the auction to start.

Final Thoughts

There are many places where you can buy Griswold cast iron. Whether you want to buy online, search the garage sales, visit a market stall, or try your luck at the Goodwill stores. It is all about having fun and enjoying the search for a vintage Griswold cast iron. 

Good luck



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