Lodge 12 inch skillet. Your best skillet for every day use.

Skillet cover rack with skillet lids. Lodge label in front and yellow label on skillet cover.


Why is the Lodge 12 inch skillet the most recommended on review sites?

The Lodge 12 inch skillet is currently the most recommended cast iron skillet on the market according to so many food blog and home improvement websites including ours. For us being cast iron enthusiasts, it was a hard choice to make. First, we have to consider enameled or bare cast iron. Both have their advantages and disadvantages However if I had to choose one it would be bare cast iron and it would be the 12-inch pre-seasoned skillet from Lodge Manufacturing. The size allows amble cooking surface for singles, couple and large enough for families while being budget friendly. How much are these skillets? The link sends you to Amazon if you’re interested.

12 inch Lodge cast iron cookware for sale. Lodge make the best pre-seasoned cookware

Advantages of Lodge Manufacturing pre-seasoned skillet over enameled cast iron

  • more non-stick with use
  • cheaper
  • increases iron in food
  • takes high temperatures
  • used for indoors and outdoors

Disadvantages of Lodge Manufacturing pre-seasoned skillet over enameled cast iron

  • eventually will need to be re-seasoned
  • non-dishwasher safe
  • not the best for acidic foods

12inch cast-iron skillet with lid. The 12inch skillet is the best size for every day use.

Advantages of enameled cast iron over Lodge Manufacturing pre-seasoned skillet

  • easier to clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • requires no maintenance
  • food is not in contact with the metal surface.

Disadvantages of enameled cast iron over Lodge Manufacturing pre-seasoned skilletexpensive

  • can chip
  • not as non-stick

If you would like to know more about the pros and cons of cast iron “here” is a great article.

Lodge Manufacturing. Okay, we love the Lodge 12 inch skillet and it’s not just because of the size. Why buy a Lodge?

  • last foundry in America
  • family run business
  • supported staff in challenging times
  • manufactures in America
  • has shown support for the local community

Lodge skillets in front Lodge cast iron skillet lis in the back ground. Skillets have made in America flag in the front of photo

Lodge 12-inch skillet:

  • most versatile size
  • high quality cast iron
  • comes pre-seasoned
  • has an easy to hold helper handle

More non-stick with use

Cooking in bare cast iron will slowly build seasoning on the skillet. Seasoning is polymerized oil which forms not only a protective layer which stops the pan from deterioration but also forms a non-stick property to the skillet. Seasoning also makes that lustrous black colour.

Care when cleaning is important to build seasoning. The best practice is to avoid hard scrubbing with steel wool or the abrasive side of a sponge.

Lodge Manufacturing skillets are attractively priced.

Lodge skillets are very affordable compared to high quality French enameled finishes. If you are considering your first piece of cast iron Lodge cast iron offers great value.

I would also recommend French enamelware because of their expertise in enameling and longevity such as Staub and Le Creuset. However, their pieces do command a higher price. If you love Lodge skillets and griddles, you may also enjoy “this” article

Add iron to your diet by cooking with a Lodge skillet.

Bare cast iron such as the Lodge 12-inch skillet can increase iron into your daily intake. When cooking, a little iron from the pan goes into your food.  This may be a good way for vegetarians and vegans to increase iron in their diet. How much iron can you get from cast iron cookware? Click if you’re interested to learn more.

Please see your medical practitioner or nutritionist if you have blood problems or concerns before using cast iron. We are not medical professionals.

Lodge pre-seasoned skillets can take the heat.

Bare cast iron can withstand very high temperatures. Perfect to get that lovely sear on a nice piece of steak. It goes from stove-top to oven and the Lodge 12 inch skillet gas a helper handle so you can pick up the pan from both ends.

Cast iron skillets like those made by Lodge are perfect for a variety of cooking methods.

For outdoor enthusiasts or people who live off-grid, Lodge produces high-quality pieces cast iron can take direct heat: campfires, outdoor grills, wood burning ranges and the usual cooking methods including ceramic and induction cooking are compatible with cast iron. Lodge Manufacturing cast iron is not too heavy but thick enough not to warp under most cooking circumstances. If you would like to read more about the benefits of cast iron “here” is a fantastic article.

Why we choose the 12-inch skillet by Lodge.

The Lodge 12inch skillet is the most versatile size in the range. It’s a little weighty but not too overwhelming and the cooking surface is large enough to handle most jobs the kitchen. My personal Lodge is a 10.25-inch skillet perfect to handle cooking for myself however an extra two inches adds a little more flexibility when cooking for more than two. For couples, I would still recommend the 12-inch skillet. Frying fish, for example, an extra two inches may maybe big enough for an extra fillet of fish avoiding the need to cook a second batch.

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  • Lodge skillets also come in larger sizes. These could be useful for large families or for people who entertain a lot. The larger sizes give more cooking surface while still only using one burner.
  • Another option to consider would be to purchase a second 12-inch skillet this would give 24-inch cooking surface which is big enough for even quite large families. But this would take up an extra element on there hob.
  • If you need to cook for many people purchasing a second 12-inch skillet would give you more cooking surface than if you were just to purchase the one larger skillet by itself. Having a second skillet could also be used in different cooking jobs. One could be used to roast a lovely roast chicken while the other used for roast vegetables.
  • Lodge 12-inch skillet like the other sizes in the range and non-enameled cast iron your skillet comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil at a very high heat out of the factory. So there is no need to season the skillet yourself, it is ready for decades of use right out of the box. This seasoning is also a great base to start keeping the seasoning with your own cooking and making it even more non-stick.

The Lodge 12 inch skillet is a good looking pan that with care will last many years.

Cast iron has been often passed down from one generation to the next. Some Lodge pieces still in use are well over a hundred years of age. With the newer Lodge skillets being a little heavier than the earlier pieces I would not be surprised if new pieces will last even longer since it would be less prone the warping and bowing than the older thinner pieces.

Finally, the 12 inch Lodge skillet is a great buy and the most versatile size if you were only to choose one piece. I found the 10-inch Lodge skillet I own a perfect size for myself however for families and couples I would recommend the 12-inch over the 10-inch. You can cook a small portion of food in a big pan but it’s difficult to cook a lot of food in a small pan.


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