Lodge 12 inch skillet. The best size skillet for everyday use.

Skillet cover rack with skillet lids. Lodge label in front and yellow label on skillet cover.

Should you buy a Lodge 12inch skillet?

If you are looking for a skillet for yourself or your family. You need to look at two things. One the maker and two, what sized pan do you need? If you want a trusted manufacturer, then it is hard to look past Lodge Manufacturing. But you need to decide what is the best size for your needs. In this article, you can learn if the Lodge 12inch skillet is your best choice.

If you are looking for a new skillet, you will have two choices, enameled cast iron, and seasoned cast iron. This is a difficult choice because each type of coating has its pros and cons.

Table of Contents

  • Deciding between a pre-seasoned skillet and an enameled skillet.
  • Information of the Lodge 12 inch skillet.
  • Information specs on the 12 inch skillet cover.
  • Why would you buy a Lodge skillet?
  • Should you buy the Lodge 12 inch skillet?
  • Is Lodge cast iron any good?
  • Who do I recommend for and who I think should not buy one?
  • Conclusion
Should you buy the Lodge 12 inch skillet
Display of 10.5 and 12 inch skillets on display. Both sizes a excellent options for new cast iron users.

Lodge cast iron skillet vs. cast iron enameled skillet.

Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

Enameled cast-iron skillet

Nonstick cooking surface

Semi nonstick

Prone to sticking

Oven safe



Dishwasher safe



Easy to clean by hand


Variable between brands


Requires seasoning

Does not need to be seasoned


Extremely high


Can react to acidic foods



Increases iron in cooked food



Value for money


Variable between brands

A regular cast iron skillet is east to use.

Both types of cast iron have their advantages and disadvantages. However, if I had to choose one, it would be regular cast iron. It’s usually a lot cheaper, and I think it’s easier to use if you are new to cast iron cooking.

If you’re interested in learning more about the pros and cons of cooking with cast iron? Then here is a great article. And if you are still unsure which type of cast iron is right for you. Then check out this article on the site to learn more about bare cast-iron vs. enameled cast-iron.

But if you are looking for a traditional pan, the Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet is a great choice. There are very few negative reviews on the skillet. This could be why so many bloggers recommend it. You can read the reviews on Amazon for yourself. But first, you might want to see the technicals of the skillet below.

Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet information.

Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet
Available on Amazon, click to see current prices.
(Affiliate link)

Place of manufacture

The U.S.A.


100% cast iron


Approximately 7.6lbs or 3.4kgs

Product dimensions

18in x 12.6in x 2.2in or 45.7cm x 32cm x 5.6cm

Cooking surface

Approximately 9.125in or 23cm

The kind of oil used to season the skillet.

Soybean oil

Lid specifications for the Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet

Cast iron lid for the 12-inch lodge skillet
compatible with these models L10SK3, L10DSK3, L10DO3, L10CF3
and L10DOL3
Available on Amazon click, to see current prices.
(Affiliate link)

Place of manufacture

The U.S.A.


100% cast iron


5.11 pounds or 2.1kgs

Product dimensions

12.6in x 12.1in x 1.9in or 32cm x 30.7cm x 4.8cm

The kind of oil used to season the cover.

Soybean oil
Lodge 12 inch skillet with lid
Why not purchase a cover with your skillet? Then you can use your skillet as a braiser in the oven. And slowly cook your meals.

Why would you buy a Lodge skillet?

  • Last big foundry that makes cast-iron cookware in America.
  • The Lodge family is involved in running the company.
  • In tough economic times, Lodge has supported its loyal employees.
  • Lodge continues to manufacture many of its products in America.
  • Lodge Manufacturing supports local community events.
Lodge skillets in front Lodge cast iron skillet lis in the back ground. Skillets have made in America flag in the front of photo

Reasons to buy a Lodge 12-inch cast-iron skillet.

Should I buy the Lodge 12 inch skillet?

It’s a great-sized skillet.

You can cook a small amount of food in a big pan, but you can’t cook a lot of food in a small pan.

The extra cooking surface allows you to cook for more people and gives you more meal options.
For example, using your skillet to roast a tasty chicken.

High quality cast iron

Many brands outsource manufacturing to overseas-based companies.
However, Lodge continues to manufacture their pre-seasoned cast iron cookware in America. The company also has over 100 years of expertise in manufacturing cast iron skillets.

Lodge Manufacturing also has strict quality control to prevent inferior products from leaving their foundry.

The skillet is pre-seasoned

When you buy a Lodge skillet, it comes pre-seasoned and ready to use, straight out of the box.

Just rinse out your skillet with warm water, and you’re ready to start cooking.
Although some experienced cast-iron users like to season their skillets.
I think the factory seasoning is good enough for 95 percent of owners.

Are the Lodge cast iron skillets any good?

Lodge cast iron skillet will get more nonstick with frequent usage.

Cooking in bare cast iron will slowly build seasoning on the skillet. Seasoning is polymerized oil that forms not only a protective layer that stops the pan from rusting. But also, it has semi nonstick properties. Seasoning also makes that lustrous black color that we all love.

The better the seasoning, the more nonstick your pan will become. So to build seasoning, you want to make sure you’re not stripping the seasoning layer when you clean. So try to avoid harsh scrubbing with steel wool or the abrasive side of a sponge.

If you think cleaning a skillet is difficult, then check out this short video.

Lodge makes some nifty cleaning products to help you clean your pan.

Many scrubbing brushes will do. But at least you know this one is designed for cast-iron cookware in mind. And for new cast iron users, one of the biggest hesitations of an iron skillet is knowing how to clean to pan.

Lodge bush (Amazon Affiliate link)

Lodge scrapers (Amazon Affiliate link)

Many scrubbing brushes will do.
But at least you know this one is designed for cast-iron cookware in mind.

A helpful tool to clean your Lodge skillet without scratching the cooking surface.
It’s also great to lift stubborn food without damaging the seasoning.
Here’s my first attempt at YouTube. Yes, that’s my 10.25 inch Lodge skillet.

Lodge Manufacturing skillets are attractively priced.

Lodge skillets are very affordable compared to high-quality French enameled finishes. If you are considering your first piece of cast iron, Lodge offers fantastic value. And with the proper care, your Lodge skillet is going to last a long time. Many antique Lodge pans are over one hundred years old. And they are skillet useable today.

Add iron to your diet by cooking with a Lodge skillet.

Bare or pre-season cast iron such as the Lodge 12-inch skillet can increase iron into your daily intake. When cooking, a little iron from the pan goes into your food. This may be a good way for vegetarians and vegans to increase iron in their diet. How much iron can you get from cast iron cookware? Click if you’re interested to learn more.

Lodge pre-seasoned skillets can take the heat.

Seasoned cast iron can withstand very high temperatures. This is perfect if you want to get a lovely sear on a nice piece of steak. It goes from stove-top to oven, and the Lodge 12-inch skillet has a helper handle, so you can pick up the pan from both ends.

Cast iron skillets like those made by Lodge are perfect for a variety of cooking methods.

For outdoor enthusiasts or people who live off-grid, Lodge produces high-quality pieces of cast iron that can take direct heat: campfires, outdoor grills, wood-burning ranges, and the usual cooking methods, including ceramic and induction cooking, are compatible with cast iron.

Lodge Manufacturing cast iron is not too heavy but thick enough not to warp under most cooking circumstances. If you want to read more about the benefits of cast iron, click the link.

I own and use the Lodge 10.25 Lodge skillet. But I think the Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet is the better size for most people.

The Lodge 12inch skillet is the most versatile size in the range. It’s a little weighty but not too overwhelming. And the cooking surface is large enough to handle most jobs in the kitchen. 

My Lodge is a 10.25-inch skillet perfect to handle cooking for myself. However, an extra two inches adds a little more flexibility when cooking for more than two. 

For couples, I would still recommend the 12-inch skillet. Frying fish, for example, an extra two inches may maybe big enough for an extra fillet of fish. Avoiding the need to cook a second batch.

If you have never used a cast-iron skillet before, We have just the article for you.

Is the Lodge 12in cast iron skillet right for you?

Perfect for families

The Lodge 12inch cast iron skillet is the best size pan for families.
The Lodge 10.25-inch skillet is not big enough if you are cooking for more than 2 people at a time.
And any skillets over 12 inches can be too unwieldy.

Ideal for couples

This pan is ideal for those living together with a partner.
Or those who occasionally cook for more than two people.

Must have for entertainers

If you like cooking for a crowd or have family gatherings, then this is your pan.
Because for you keeping an extra burner free is just as important as the size of the pan.

Not suitable for those of
distinguished age

I’ll be honest the pan has weight to it. And it could be heavy if you do not have strong wrists.
However, there is another option available with many benefits of cast iron. And that’s carbon steel.

The Lodge 12inch skillet is a good-looking pan that will last many years.

Cast iron is often passed down from one generation to the next. Some Lodge pieces still in use are well over a hundred years of age. And I would not be surprised if new pieces will last even longer. Since they would be less prone the warping and bowing than the older thinner pieces.

Finally, the 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet is a great buy and the most versatile size. I find the 10.25-inch Lodge skillet I own a perfect size for myself. However, for families and couples, I would recommend the 12-inch over the 10.25-inch skillet. You can cook a small portion of food in a big pan. But it’s hard to cook a lot of food in a small pan.


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