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Lodge cast iron the last American full time foundry. Theres good reason why it has manufactured quality cast iron for over 150 years. Learn why at Boonie Hicks.

We are huge supporters of Lodge manufacturing, we have never met them or visited their foundry. However at Boonie Hicks we use and love using our Lodge products.

Welcome to the Boonie Hicks Lodge Page, Here we specialize in the use of cast-iron cookware. Maybe it’s your first time to use cast iron or maybe your’e an enthusiast like ourselves. If you are you’ll be at home at Boonie Hicks. Although we love our vintage skillets we also have a soft spot for Logde. They make quality pieces that will provide years of use.

What articles will we cover on Lodge?

As the page grows we will cover more and more articles that cover a wide range of topics. Just some of the topics at Boonie Hicks are;

  • How to buy the right size.
  • Why we recommend lodge.
  • Cleaning and maintaining your cast-iron.
  • Cooking in your cookware (Recipes that are easy to follow).

I hope you enjoy your cast-iron and enamelware as much as we do.

If you are interested in cooking, cast-iron then we are your site.  Here at Boonie Hicks we mainly focus on the old ways of doing things. We are a little enthusiast site that can really specialize and can share own with you.

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