Lodge cast iron skillet | perspective from a cast iron enthusiast.

Mushrooms cooking in a Lodge cast iron skillet.

Find out how a cast-iron owner feels about his Lodge cast iron skillet. 

The short answer, “I love my little Lodge cast iron skillet but I wish I went for the bigger 12-inch skillet.”

Okay, I guess you want to learn more about the Lodge cast iron skillet and why I think you’d enjoy cooking in Lodge cast iron as well. Well, you have come to the right place. I’m a huge fan of vintage and new cast iron and well placed to give you some insights of a cast iron skillet made by Lodge Manufacturing Company. My Lodge 10.25 inch skillet (Amazon affiliate link) is a popular size however many prefer the Lodge 12 inch skillet (Amazon affiliate link)which is roomier.

Is a Lodge skillet any good? “They sure are I have a 10.25 inch Lodge skillet. I’ll share how I feel about my pan, why Lodge cast iron is so popular and some considerations if you’re new to iron-cast cooking.”

Lodge cast iron skillet. The skillet has a lovely black seasoning.

Interesting fact Lodge Manufacturing Company was originally called

“Blacklock Foundry”

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Don’t take my word for it. Lodge cast iron skillets have been trusted and cooked on for over a century. 

If you want to buy your first cast-iron skillet then good for you. I think you will enjoy cooking in cast iron like so many have the centuries. Sadly out of the many American manufactures that made cast iron there’s only one company which remains in full-time production, that’s Lodge Manufacturing Company.

Although I focus on Lodge skillets there’s a good reason why Lodge is so respected. If you prefer they also increased their product range to include: carbon steel and their 6 quart enameled Dutch oven (affiliate link)is one of the most popular Dutch ovens on the market. Here’s our article on the benefits of enameled cast iron.

Lodge cast iron skillet with stir fried vegetables.

Here’s one reason I think Lodge cast iron skillets are great value for money. A Lodge skillet will last you a long time.

Today Lodge cast iron skillets are as popular now as they were 100 years ago. These good old pans are often the most used items in the kitchen. They also look great, many owners choose to hang their pans on display rather than storing them. This is a great idea, in my opinion, it allows air to circulate and fully dry before the next use.

Coming back to Lodge, the company has been American’s cookware of choice for more than 100 years. It’s wonderful that Lodge has survived over the last century and remains in the original family hands. Now the Lodge cast iron skillet has become synonymous with American culture. It’s also pleasing to know my Lodge cast iron skillet was made in America at their Tennessee foundry and yours would be too.

Vintage cast iron made by Favorite Stove and Range.

If you are looking for a Lodge cast iron skillet then they are incredibly affordable and widely available. Amazon sells the Lodge 10.25 inch skillet (affiliate link) and the Lodge 12 inch skillet. (affiliate link) However, they are widely available at other online retailers. If you’re are looking for durable and well made American kitchenware? You should definitely consider a Lodge cast iron skillet. It may be the last pan you’ll ever buy.

Cast iron cookware has seen a huge resurgence in popularity and it’s little wonder why.

Although Lodge cast iron skillets have been around for more than 100 years, cast iron cookware has seen a huge resurgence. With all the warnings about harmful chemicals used in nonstick pans, like many people “I threw my old flaking Teflon pan away”.

A Lodge cast iron skillet has a natural nonstick coating called seasoning which great when it comes time to wash up. However, I must admit a seasoned cast iron pan is nowhere near as non-stick as a chemically bonded surface. It took me a few trial and errors before I got the hang of cooking fried eggs without sticking.

Antique Lodge cast iron skillets that are well over a hundred years old and still in use today.

As I mentioned earlier Lodge has a long history making cast iron cookware. One of the reasons I like Lodge skillets and cast-iron cookware is that it lasts for a long time. If you buy a Lodge cast iron skillet you will be able to use it for years to come. Cast-iron never goes out of fashion. In fact, there are many cast-iron enthusiasts which collect old vintage pans and Lodge skillets are some of the most collectible.

Interested to learn more about vintage/antique cast-iron? You can read our articles.

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All trusty Lodge cast iron skillets come pre-seasoned ready for you to use.

Traditionally, you would have to season the pan yourself. This is done by heating fat past smoke point to a new pan before you could use it. The whole process was performed in order to cover the metal. This protects the iron from rust and makes the surface more non-stick.

In 2002 however, Lodge introduced a new line of cast iron cookware. This range came pre-seasoned and is known as the Lodge Logic. The cookware is sprayed with soy-based oil before being baked at very high temperatures. Lodge cast iron skillets are now all pre-seasoned so you don’t have to this yourself.

Lodge skillet lids on display. Three sizes of lids from smallest to largest.

Why should you buy a Lodge cast iron skillet?

A classic Lodge cast iron skillet can be one of the best additions to your kitchen. It is no surprise that many people opt for Lodge when they are looking for cast iron cookware.

Aside from being one of the most iconic American kitchenware brands out there, Lodge cookware is incredibly well made and maintains high-quality control. Here are some more reasons why I love my Lodge cast iron skillet.

  • Lodge is a family business
  • You can trust Lodge cast iron cookware
  • Cast-iron is great for searing
  • Cast-iron looks great
  • There is a wide range of sizes available
  • More nonstick than stainless steel
  • Cast iron is very durable
  • A Lodge cast iron skillet holds thermal mass
  • You can buy a Lodge cast iron skillet and it won’t break the bank

Lodge Skillets with egg handle covers.

It is still proudly owned by the Lodge family.

Back in the 1800s and 1900s, there were several successful American cast iron manufacturers. However, Lodge is the only one that still produces traditional cast iron cookware up to this day. For this reason, Lodge cookware is a favourite for many American families. Lodge is still a privately owned company whose main foundry is still in the original hometown of South Pittsburg in Tennessee.

Like many American companies, Lodge has survived ups and downs to get to where it is today. It is that hardcore American image that has helped it gain more and more customers. Because of its high-quality cast-iron goods and the distrust of poorly made non-American made pots and pans.

In 2015, Lodge completed an extensive foundry expansion which increased the production to keep up with demand. Even after 120 years in the cast iron business, Lodge Manufacturing continues to enjoy a strong consumer loyalty the U.S. Internationally Lodge remains a trusted brand in making the best cast-iron cookware.

Did you know a National Cornbread festival is held every year in South Pittsburg Tennessee? With support from businesses such as Lodge Manufacturing and amazing volunteers, proceeds from the festival have helped a variety of community projects.

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If you’re new to cast-iron go for a Lodge cast iron skillet. The skillets are of high quality and come ready to use.

What really makes Lodge skillets and griddles stand out from the competition is the quality of its seasoning.

Straight out the box, the superior quality of the pan is evident. Lodge cast iron skillets are a front-runner because of the high-quality cooking surface. Sure the vintage pans are a lot smoother and new Lodge skillets are more rough and pebbly. However, the benefit of a new skillet is a thick layer of seasoning ready for you to use. Which means that you will never have to deal with food sticking to the bottom of the pan like stainless steel.

The non-stick ability makes a huge difference when it is time for cleaning. If you are like me this is a job I don’t really enjoy.

Lodge skillets and griddles in a store in Japan. Lodge now exports to many countries around the world

You can sear meat without burning in a Lodge skillet.

If you cook meat often, a Lodge cast iron skillet is often the go-to with many cooks. Lodge cast iron is ideal for searing meats and has skillets have great thermal density.

Your Lodge cast iron skillet will take longer to heat up. However, once it does, the temperature translates to a solid sear on any meat or roast, crispy skin on fish and the best  “Yum” caramelization you have ever seen.

Additionally, if you use your Lodge cast iron skillet properly, you can also use it to make foods that require lower temperatures such as fried eggs. It’s all about heat control with low-temperature if you do not want food scorched.

If you sear a lot of meat I would recommend the Lodge 12 inch. Why do I recommend the Lodge 12 inch skillet? Read our interesting article to find out more.

Meat searing in a Lodge cast iron skillet.

A Lodge cast iron skillet is simple to use. I would recommend Lodge for your first skillet.

Although heavier, Lodge cast iron skillets are incredibly easy to use. It’s really not all that different than using a gas barbecue or a regular frying pan. Also, the quality of the Lodge cast iron skillet is undoubtedly one of the major selling points of Lodge cookware.

Lodge skillets have cute dumpy handles and cast iron is still as practical on today’s cooktops as they were on the wood ranges many years ago.

The handle design is really user-friendly. It must be good after all the design has hardly changed for over a hundred years. They do not heat as up fast as you may think. Still please keep a towel nearby.

It’s always best the get into the habit of handling cast iron pots and pans using a mitt or skillet cover. I use my skillets regularly so I just grab the nearest towel or a Lodge skillet cover.

Lodge skillets for sale, they are made from cast iron.

Buying a Lodge cast iron skillet or griddle would be a great addition to any kitchen.

However one of the major benefits of a solid metal pan is moving it from one place to another. The handles also allow skillets and griddles to be easily moved from hob to oven or into the table. The handles are comfortable, and the design of the small handle means you can naturally grasp the skillet or griddle naturally without losing control. The handle also has a loop for hanging when the skillets or griddles are not in use.

The design of the Lodge cast iron skillet also has two pouring spouts that make it easier and less messy to pour your food or empty out the oil. Lodge thinks of us left-handed cast iron fans. Cast iron skillets and griddles made by Lodge are suitable for all types of cooking including induction, grilling, camp cooking or use on a regular stove.

Gyoza cooking in a cast iron skillet made by Lodge.

Lodge skillets come in many different sizes to suit your kitchen needs. 

Lodge frying pans and griddles popular for good reason. They come in many sizes to suit every need. I would recommend the Lodge 12 inch skillet but the Lodge 10.25 inch skillet is maybe the more popular size. However, Lodge also many very small skillets for individual portions and larger double handle pans for larger family or group gatherings.

Sure food still sticks a little but no need to bring out the scouring pad like you would need for stainless steel pans.

The factory pre-seasoning of baked soy oil on all Lodge products is reasonably thick. The factory pre-seasoning is slick, and on low, medium heat, you can make eggs without oil and they will not stick to the surface. While we are on the subject of cooking surfaces Lodge does not use PTFE or PFOA in any of their products.

The cleanup process is easy with Lodge cast iron cookware. Additionally, Lodge plastic scrapers (affiliate link) are designed for cleaning your skillet, they allow you to clean your pan safely without destroying the seasoning.

English breakfast cooking in my Lodge cast iron skillet.

Forget those super light pans a Lodge cast iron skillet is some heft to it and cast-iron has great thermal conductivity.

Lodge cast iron skillets and griddles take a long time to heat up because of the thermal mass. With old fashion design, Lodge skillets and cast iron griddles are extremely durable. Because of this, it is not unusual to hear of people that have used cast iron Lodge products that belonged to their parents or grandparents. Although pre-seasoned Lodge cookware has only been around for a short while, Lodge cookware is a favorite of many professional and amateur chefs alike.

With continued use, your Lodge skillet will eventually develop a glossy interior finish that will not crack or scratch. As long as you do not neglect your pan or cause it to develop rust, Lodge cast iron skillets can serve you for years to come. The Lodge skillet and pan can take any form of abuse that you subject it to without having to replace it.

Cooking asparagus cooking in a cast iron skillet made by Lodge.

You can keep food hotter for longer in a cast-iron skillet. 

Even heating is a crucial factor when picking cast iron skillets and griddles. Lodge skillets and griddles although taking longer will heat evenly which is essential for avoiding overcooking or undercooking food at the edges or the center. This element of the design is important, especially when making foods like fish which tend to stick to the surface naturally.

Unlike pots and pans that are not made with cast iron, Lodge cookware can sustain high heat for a long period of time. So you can use a cast iron skillet for meals that get cold quickly. If you want to keep food warm on the table then a Lodge skillet is the ideal choice.

However, it is always a good idea to have some potholders or mittens around you when using cast iron kitchen equipment. If you’d like to learn more on the pros and cons of cast iron please click “here

Corn cooking in a Lodge cast-iron skillet

A Lodge cast iron skillet is really easy on the pocket.  

A Lodge skillet is a great choice for home cooks and professional chefs. They come pre-seasoned and are really cheap. Cast iron are great pieces to have in your kitchen. How cheap check out the prices on Amazon for the two most popular sizes. The Lodge 10.25 inch skillet great for singles and couples and the Lodge 12 inch skillet is ideal for families.

If you are thinking of trying a cast-iron skillet, Then you really can’t go wrong with a Lodge.

The investment for a high-quality piece of bare cast iron cookware does not have to be of epic proportions. So you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not purchase at least one product from Lodge. Both the skillet and the griddle are affordable and fun to use. They will most likely last forever with proper care.

Furthermore, Lodge skillets and griddles are widely available on different online retail stores. These include national Lodge retail chains, hardware and cooking stores. Lodge products are also available online with the popular online sites.


  1. I recently started getting into vintage cast iron. I owned a modern Lodge skillet for a few years, but I decided to give vintage a shot. My first vintage skillet was a 3 notch lodge No. 8, and that is the one that got me hooked. Since then I have found a Vollrath No. 9 and a large logo/smooth bottom Griswold No. 8. I think I might need to get some more shelf space soon, hunting for this stuff is a lot of fun.

    • Hi Jason

      It sounds like you are fast on your way to becoming a collector. I’d recommend a large shelf, so you have an excuse to fill it.

      Have fun

  2. I absolutely love Lodge and Cast Iron. I only got my first piece in April, it was a 10.25″ skillet as well as a 12″ skillet. I loved them so much and got so into it, that now I own a 13″ skillet, a 9 or 10″ griddle, an 8″ skillet, and a vintage 3 notch #3 Lodge. I also got a Wagner and BSR smaller skillet because the Antique store near me gave me a deal on a bundle.

    I’m annoyed at myself for wasting 30 years of cooking on cheap pots and pans that were disposable. That being said, my ONLY complaint with Lodge is their pour spouts. I find that I make a huge mess of things when I need any sort of precision from those things. In fact, I often have to transport left over oil or other liquids into a large plastic bowl with a better pour spout and then use that bowl to pour the remnants into the actual bottle I wanted to use in the first place.

    • Hi Kevin

      Thanks for sharing your experience with your Lodge cast-iron. It sounds like you have well-and-truly caught the cast-iron bug. And it’s only a matter of time before you purchase another piece. It’s a fun hobby.

      Have fun cooking up a storm Kev

    • Hi Theresa

      They certainly are fine kettles, and they would be great on top of a fireplace as a humidifier.

      Unfortunately, I think they no longer make these old kettles. However, you should be able to pick up a vintage pieces at a reasonable prices online.

      Thanks for your question

    • Hi Rodney

      It sounds like you know your vintage ironware from your message.

      I think Lodge the their 3 notch skillets with “blob marking” in the 1940s-1950s.

      Cheers, enjoy your vintage ironware


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