The Griswold Large Logo vs. Small Logo, Which Is Better?

Griswold large vs.small logo

Is there a clear difference between a Griswold large logo skillet and one with a small logo? This article will cover two Griswold logos you will find when looking for vintage cast iron. Is there a clear winner between a Griswold large and small logo? And should you purchase one over the other?

You may have already chosen your preferred logo as an enthusiast, or it may simply doesn’t matter. However, if you are new to Griswold cast iron, you may be hesitant to purchase your first skillet or wonder if you are making the right choice.

Although I believe you’ll be happy with either a Griswold large logo or a small logo skillet, making the right choice can lead to more enjoyment from your pan and potentially save you a few dollar

Table Of Contents

  • Why choose a Griswold Large or small logo pan?
  • Griswold large logo vs. small logo 
  • Collectability between Griswold Large logo and small logo skillets
  • Are Griswold skillets with a large logo more valuable? 
  • Which pan is the best value for your money?
  • Which is better, the Griswold large logo or the small logo?
  • Is a large or small logo the better choice?
Griswold small vs. large logo
Is the Griswold large logo better than the small logo?

Comparing The Small And Large Logos On Griswold Skillets

This article will focus on Griswold skillets with flat bottoms. The Griswold Large and Small logos with smooth bottoms are comparable pans as they are within reach for many budgets and not hard to find in good condition.

Griswold flat-bottom skillets with a large or small logo are ideal for those who want the benefit of a vintage pan. But prefer not to pay a high price for the more collectible pieces. The lower price and availability also make the pans an ideal entry into the world of vintage ironware. 

So, if you find a pan with either a large or small Griswold logo in good condition and at a reasonable price, go for it.

Is A Griswold Skillet With A Large Logo Better Than A Small Logo?

Surly, an earlier Griswold pan with a large logo is better than a small logo pan. I may be sticking out my neck here amongst collectors, but I usually see no discernible difference in quality between the eras of skillets. 

Yes, earlier pans are favorites with collectors and enthusiasts. But the small and large block logo skillets will cook and release food equally and are perfect for everyday use.

As with any vintage pan, you should inspect it before purchasing. You can read this article for a beginner’s guide to do so correctly. But the small and large logo skillets should have smooth cooking surfacing, free from significant imperfections. 

When choosing a Griswold skillet, your top priority should be the condition of the pan rather than the logo. And I would avoid pans with the following faults.

  1. Red patches on the metal
  2. A large amount of warp in the pan
  3. Hairline cracks 

Should I Collect The Griswold Large Block Or Small Block Skillets?

If you are considering collecting Griswold ironware, I would buy a pan with a large logo. Undoubtedly, the Griswold large logo is more collectible than the small one. 

The Griswold logo stands out and is more appealing than the small logo. Sadly, much of the old-world charm is gone with the small logo pans. The small Griswold logo does not look as good, reducing collectability.

But this raises the question, are you willing to pay more for a pan that will cook the same? I choose a Griswold with a large logo if you want to display the pan or start a collection. However, if you would like a skillet for daily use, the Griswold small logo skillets are a great choice. 

 Large Griswold Skillets Are likely To Cost More.

The Griswold large block and the small block can be comparable in price, especially if you compare the price of a flat bottom pan with earlier pans with heat rings that command higher prices.

However, you should expect to pay a little more for a skillet with a large logo. After all, the large logo has better aesthetics and holds collector value. So, it’s understandable to see sellers asking a little more for a large logo pan.

Which Is A Better Value?

The price fluctuates considerably like any antique, vintage, or second-hand item. But you can still find yourself a bargain at flea markets and garage sales. However, a cheap pan may not be the best option, and you can learn the pros and cons of different places to buy Griswold ironware in this article. 

But if you are new to vintage ironware, buying a restored pan is a good option. However, I feel the Griswold small logo skillet often presents better value. A Griswold pan with a small logo will be as good as a large logo, but sellers tend to have lower asking prices. 

The large logo pan is usually more expensive because it looks better. And not because of quality differences.

The Griswold Skillets With The Small Logo vs. Large Logo

I wouldn’t lose sleep deciding which logo is better. Skillets with either the Griswold small logo or the large logo will be great users. 

And I hope you don’t discount a Griswold small logo skillet because you hear the large logo pans are better. Or if you hear the small logo pans produced with lower manufacturing standards. 

From my experience, both the large and small logo pans have equally smooth cooking surfaces and are lightweight.

If you already have your eye on a Griswold with a small logo, you can learn to identify the handles in this article. 

Which Pan Is Right For You? 

If you are on a limited budget, keep an eye open for the small logo. These pans often sell for less than the large logo pans. And the seller may be more willing to negotiate a fair price so both parties are happy. The pans with the small Griswold logo are a great way to get the full benefits of a vintage pan without inflated prices.

But for a little more, you can get a Griswold large logo. The extra price, if any, may be negligible, and the logo design is certainly more visually appealing. 

So, deciding between the two, I would choose a skillet with a Griswold large logo. Soley for the reason that they look better. After all, when you see the big Griswold circle cross logo, you can’t help but love it.



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