My No9 Favorite Piqua Ware skillet on a induction heater.

Favorite Piqua Ware: Favorite Stove and Range Co. vintage cast iron.

Learn about Favorite Piqua Ware, Miami, and Puritan antique cast iron Do you have a piece of antique cast iron with the brand name Favorite Piqua Ware, Miami, or Puritan? This cast iron hollowware was...
Wapak cast iron skillet made by Wapak Hollow Ware Co. Skillet is face down to show the Z Wapak logo

Wapak Hollow Ware Co. Learn about Wapak cast iron.

Learn the history of Wapak Hollow Ware Co. and how to identify your cast iron. Wapak Hollow Ware Co is a familiar name for vintage cast iron collectors. And the scarce Indian Head and Chicken...
Sidney Hollowware Cast iron skillet.

Vintage cast iron. How to identify Sidney Hollowware cast iron.

How to identify Sidney Hollowware Cast iron. Sidney Hollowware Company has to be one of my favorite companies that made cast iron cookware. The cast iron tends to have very few molding imperfections and is smooth...
Sidney Hollowware skillet showing the logo on the base.

Vintage cast iron: Learn the history of the Sidney Hollow Ware Co.

If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of vintage cast iron made by the Sidney Hollow Ware Company. Then you have ironware from the 19th century of history in your hands. Amazingly, you can find...

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