Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Griswold cast iron skillet size number 10.

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify, date your skillet using logos.

Learn to date and identify not only Griswold cast iron skillets but also other skillets made by the Griswold Manufacturing Company.  If you have a Griswold cast iron...
Antique Wagner cast iron skillet cooking Okonomiyaki

Wagner cast iron | Wagner Ware history, dates and logos.

What makes Wagner cast iron so collectible? Learn how to date, identify and the history of Wagner Ware. Why do cast iron collectors and enthusiasts love Wagner Ware...
Sidney Hollowware skillet showing the logo on the base.

Vintage cast iron: Learn the history of the Sidney Hollow Ware Co.

Learn the History of Sidney Hollow Ware Co. How did those lovely Sidney skillets came to be? If your lucky enough to have a piece of vintage cast...
Griswold cast iron

Griswold cast iron | Learn about the Griswold Manufacturing Co.,

Griswold cast iron cookware does it deserve the hype? There really is something special about using vintage cast iron pans and I'm not alone. Many enjoy collecting these old pieces of cookware from different foundries....
Sidney Hollowware Cast iron skillet.

Vintage cast iron. How to identify Sidney Hollowware cast iron.

How to identify Sidney Hollowware Cast iron. Sidney Hollowware Company has to be one of my favorite companies that made cast-iron cookware. The cast iron tends to have very...

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